Weekend Links: Personal challenge edition

I’ve been a little short in the motivation department this week, so weekend links are a bit sparse. I’m trying to get myself to commit to two personal challenges for the month of March. The first is to not eat out unless someone else (not counting Trevor) is paying. So far, so good. The second is to ride my bicycle on the trainer every night. Trevor successfully did this in February, and it was pretty inspiring. I’m starting with just 30 minutes, where he did a full hour, but I’m definitely starting from scratch on the whole exercise thing. I didn’t come up with the idea until Tuesday, so I obviously missed the first day of the month. Aaaand, I kind of chose to sulk last night about not getting to be irresponsible and use our mega tax refund for a European vacation, so I went to bed early and didn’t ride. Tonight, I’ll be back in the saddle, though! Maybe I’ll muster up the energy to post the rest of the links I’ve been collecting for this weekend.

To watch:

Laboring Under an Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing (h/t to Stand and Deliver). I hope to find some time to watch this over the weekend.

To read:

Parental Responsibility and Retirement Savings This is an interesting thing to consider. We’ve been planning to open a 529 account for Sadie (crap, we’re almost a year behind), but we haven’t made any firm decisions about what our savings goals will be for her college education. Or our retirement.

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