Who are YOU? An invitation to de-lurk

Kat’s recent post on whether or not she’s a “Mommy Blogger” has had me thinking recently about my blog–namely who my audience is.  Who are you?  I know who those of you regularly posting comments are: almost all of you are my in-person friends, a couple of you are friends of friends, and one of you is my online friend.  But I don’t know who the rest of you are; or, more importantly, what it is that brings you to read my blog.  What do you like reading about on here?  Was it my birth “philosophy” and plan to have a homebirth?  Are you here because you want updates on Sadie?  The reason I ask is, I’m considering broadening the scope of this blog a little.  You see, I started blogging here when I was in graduate school.  I was on-and-off-again with it toward the end, and I then I started this blog when I became pregnant last summer.  Part of me really likes sticking with this topic, but part of  me sort of misses blogging on the everyday things.  Of course, now there’s mostly only Sadie comprising my everyday, but not completely.

For example, I might like to blog about:

  • The hilarious summer cut we got for our dog, Willow;
  • The DELICIOUS homemade shortcake I made to  have with AR strawberries and homemade whipped cream;
  • My sadness at not putting in a summer garden;
  • My excitement that the Backyard Garden Project is going well and gaining recognition;
  • My joy that it’s snow cone season again; or
  • The absurdity that my 10-year reunion will cost me $75 for some appetizers (and also the absurdity in itself that I’m old enough for a 10-year reunion).

So, I’m asking, who are you, and what would you think if I sometimes went “off topic”?

Maybe it’s not just diapers and play-dates…

8 thoughts on “Who are YOU? An invitation to de-lurk

  1. Natalea


    I guess I should start off with…I think you realize who I am since we are also friends on facebook and we went to high school together, but then again it has been 10 years (and yes I agree with you on the price of the reunion). Not only did we go to high school together but I just ended a one year stint at working at LRAAC with your uncle whom I just adore. I stopped working there after maternity leave with Addison. I so wanted to go back but could not due to having 3 kiddos and the cost of childcare!!!

    As to why I read your blog….

    Since I am going back to school to obtain my RN degree, taking a Lactation Consulting course, and Doula course, and I have also nursed 3 wonderful babies…what you blog about interestes me. As for you blogging about other things…I think that would be awesome. Use it as your tool to vent, express yourself, and to be in contact with others who are going through the same things you are.

    Anyway…I hope this helps and I will continue to read your blogs no matter what you write about.

    P.S. I am interested in forming my own blog…I have no clue how to do it. Can you tell me how to get started?

    1. citysteader Post author

      Natalea–of course I realize who you are! But I did not know that you worked with Uncle Gene for a while–that’s great! I guess that shows how long it’s been since I’ve been to his office. I’m hoping Sadie will be relatively allergy-free like her parents, but at least we’ve got an allergist in the family in case she’s not! That’s so exciting that you’re getting your RN degree. Sometimes I think that might have been a good path for me. From staying in the hospital after having Sadie (first time as a hospital patient since I was a baby myself), I really came to see just how important the nurses are (and most of them are AWESOME, by the way). I wouldn’t have emotionally survived the c-section if it hadn’t been for this one nurse who was with me. I can’t believe you’ve got three girls–they’re beautiful, by the way. I can’t imagine keeping up with three right now! Way to go!

    2. citysteader Post author

      Oh, and I forgot to tell you about getting started with blogging. I’ll email you directly about that. It’s easy.

  2. Chandle

    I just love reading up on you guys and Sadie! It’s nice to see how you’re doing from far away.

  3. Sam

    Well…. we go back to junior high. And I just think your musings on pregnancy and parenting are just so darned eloquent and realistic. As a nurse practitioner who works in maternal child public health, I think I have used some of your “real life” to talk to my patients….I would totally read about other stuff too, though. Because I’d live off of strawberries if nutrition allowed!

  4. eve

    brooke, since you’ve asked, I guess its time to tell the world that I love reading other people’s blogs especially now that I have found google reader that tells me every time there is a new post! I have several friends who blog and I enjoy the non-baby ones just as much as I enjoy the baby ones. I would love to see a hilarious picture of Willow with the haircut. summer cuts are funny. and keep the sadie pictures coming, too. she is just too cute!

    1. citysteader Post author

      I know, isn’t Google Reader the BEST? I love it. I’ll post a good picture of Willow (who looks like a cross between a bat and a lamb) when I can get her to stand still long enough.


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