Whew, welcome Sadie Diane Edwards

First, a big thank you to everyone for holding tight and being patient with us.  I realize we sort of dropped off the face of the planet, just as the news was getting interesting.  And a HUGE thank you to those of you who have been with us, giving us a hand and lots of moral support along this CRAZY journey.  Also, an apology to those we probably should have called by now, but have not been able to.  To say the least, things have gone quite differently than originally planned.  So, here’s the story of Sadie Diane Edwards:


At about 1:15 am on Thursday, April 2, I woke up with a fairly strong contraction.  Nothing too intense, just strong enough for me to know that it was definitely a contraction.  At about 1:45, I woke back up and had a couple more.  I gently nudged Trevor at about 2:00, telling him that the baby was coming “today.”  We went out to the living room, got me set up on the couch, and went about the business of timing the contractions.  At 5:00, we called our midwife, Kim, and she came to the house a little after 6:00.

For a LONG time, the contractions were super managable.  I was even sleeping in between them, leaving Kim to ead and Trevor to play on the laptop.  Then, at some point in the afternoon, they got quite a bit more intense.  I could no longer chill on the couch, and I was hard-pressed to find any location or position that was comfortable.  At that point, Kim and one of the other midwives started setting up the birthing pool.  For a good bit, the pool was exactly perfect for handing contractions.  I’d been trying to keep hydrated and fed, but this was surprisingly more difficult than I imagined.  I could take small bites of things (banana, pb & honey sandwich, goldfish crackers), but I was really pretty queasy eating more than a tiny bit at a time.   Also, trips to the bathroom were pretty unpleasant.  This part of labor lasted a really long time (oh, and I didn’t let myself watch the clock too much, so you’ll have to ask Trevor or Kim the real timeline of things), and I was starting to get kind of frustrated–feeling like I wasn’t doing things or handling things “right,” feeling like I was being overly dramatic with my contractions and feeling like perhaps I couldn’t go on (in hindsight, I believe I was doing pretty well, actually).

Then came the pushing.  Pretty much exactly like we learned in our homebirth class, just as I was starting to feel like maybe I wouldn’t have made it, and began asking what “soon” meant when the midwives told me I’d be pushing soon, I was pushing!  Even though I was super excited to be pushing, it was so hard.  I had Trevor join me in the birthing pool, hoping that he could help me leverage the pushing.  I pushed, and pushed, and pushed.  We got out of the pool and moved to the birthing stool, where I pushed some more.  The midwives could tell I was getting tired, so they moved me to my bed, hoping that we could let me rest, but trying not to push when your body is making you is pretty much impossible (well, at least it was for me).  So, we started pushing on the bed.  The midwives were doing their best to help make each pushing contraction as productive as possible, but we just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.  I couldn’t get Sadie’s head over my pubic bone, and I was wearing down fast.  We began talking about transferring to a hospital, which really saddened me, because I really loved our homebirth plan.  But, we ultimately decided it was better to get me to a hospital before I was 100 percent wiped out.

Hospital #1

And that’s when things got to moving quickly.  I was continuing to have contractions, but I began just trying to survive them than to make the most of them, hoping to keep my energy up at least a little.  Trevor was running around packing up stuff that we would need, calls were being made to help us decide which of our local hospitals to go to.  We headed to St. Vincent Infirmary.  Worst car ride EVER!  I had sort of hoped that the move to the car for transport would make the contractions chill.  Not a bit.  I contracted the whole way there, the whole time during check in; they just wouldn’t stop.  Our plan for transport was to request an epidural, possibly some pitocin, in the hopes that I could get better situated and could still have the vaginal birth we’d been working so hard for.  No dice.  The on-call doctor (ask me about her later, if you want…there’s just not enough room on this blog for her) requested that I wait until she got there to push (remember what I said about impossibility?…exactly), and then we set to pushing so she could assess me and the baby.  LONG story short (again, I just don’t have the energy to type up some parts of the story), we were given the choice of having a C-section there or checking out AMA and heading to another hospital, because her assessment was that the baby’s position was posterior (not easy) and I wasn’t going to be able to push her out in time  I just couldn’t handle the thought of the latter choice, especially with the knowledge that, after getting in the car again and going to another hospital (having wicked contractions the whole time), we very well could be given the exact same option.  SO, we opted for the C-section.  Let me tell you, C-sections are WEIRD.  Especially the epidural.  Again, a whole post of itself.

Another long story short, Sadie Edwards came into the world via my abdomen at 3:59 am, Friday, April 3rd, 2009.  She weighed a WHOPPING 8 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20 inches long.  It turned out that she was, indeed posterior, and it was the combination of her size, my size, and the difficulty of her position that I was unable to push her out.  We did have some complications, but they have been relatively minor.  Mine were that my uterus didn’t want to clamp down, so I had to have some medicine to help that happen after the surgery so I didn’t lose too much blood; and part of my cervix had become inverted and had to be repaired.  Sadie’s respiratory rate was higher than it should have been, and she had passed meconium at some point during my labor, which happens sometimes when babies are stressed during labor, and which can lead to infection.  They let Trevor carry her back to our L&D room, and he got to hold her for 20 minutes or so, but then they took her to the nursery to keep an eye on her breathing.  After the surgery was over, they took me back to L&D to let the epidural wear off, and then they took us to the mother and baby unit on another floor.  We were hoping to have Sadie join us in our room, but they still wanted to make sure that her breathing was going to normalize.  After several hours or so, however, it hadn’t, and they transferred her to the NICU.

Hospital #2

At some point in the afternoon, my sister, Erica (who is a NICU doctor at Children’s Hospital), came to see Sadie and me.  She wasn’t quite satisfied with how things were going for Sadie there, and she helped us  make the decision to have her transferred, and we also decided to have me transferred so we could be together at UAMS.  Sadie was transferred first, at about 4 in the afternoon.  My transfer was kind of complicated (to say the least), so I didn’t make it to UAMS until about midnight.  But Aunt Margie and Erica pretty much followed Sadie over to UAMS and updated me that, within 30 minutes of arriving there, Sadie had already had the chest x-ray she needed and was getting the full care that was required.  Unfortunately, her x-ray showed that she had aspirated on some of the meconium.  Because of that, she has had to stay in the NICU the entire time, which is one floor under mine.

Recovering from the C-section has been interesting, but not as difficult as I expected.  As of yesterday, I didn’t think there was any way I’d be feeling mobile enough to go home today (it’s now Sunday…I started writing this up Saturday, but the meds I’m on make me drowsy, not to mention the crazy feeding schedule).  Sadie has done really really well.  We’ve been working on breastfeeding since 10:30 or so Saturday morning, and things have started to come around.  Our biggest obstacle has been that she is one sleepy girl!  When Trevor holds her, she’s mostly alert, looking at him and around the room.  When I get ahold of her to feed, she gets nice and comfortable and just dozes.  But starting with our 4am feed this morning, she’s been eating more vigirously.  I’ve been pumping some to make sure I don’t lose my supply, and because we’ve been using some of the colostrum in a syringe to entice her to latch on and eat.  In just a few hours, she’ll have been on the antibiotic for 48 hours, and they’ll do one last blood culture to make sure she doesn’t have an infection (so far, nothing has indicated that she does).  If she doesn’t, and if they’re convinced she’s eating enough when she’s nursing, we get to take her home today!!!

It truly has been one heck of a roller coaster, and there are parts I’ve even left out–some for brevity, some for privacy, and some because I just can’t plain keep it all in order.  Sure, we didn’t end up having Sadie at home as we had been planning for and dreaming about, but we have the sweetest baby girl on the planet, and she is so healthy and happy and fat (as of last night, she was already 9 pounds, 2 ounces).

I think my plan for pictures is to post them on a separate page.  So take a peek there, and hopefully I’ll be up for and able to do some updating along the way.  We haven’t taken any today, but I suspect we will for the “going home” event.

We really do appreciate all the love, support, and patience.  And we also hope that you’ll continue to be understanding that, due to the intensity of this already intense experience, we may still take a while to contact even those of  you who are extremely important to us.

19 thoughts on “Whew, welcome Sadie Diane Edwards

  1. Becky (Scott) Mounsey

    Hey girl….congrats on your little (big) girl!!!
    I too had a c/s and the recovery was much easier than I had imagined….
    I hope Sadie gets healthy & is able to go home soon!! Sorry you had such drama with her birth, but isn’t how all the stories go??? Good luck & congrats Mommy!!

  2. Elizabeth

    WOW, Brooke, Trevor, and sweet little Sadie-
    What an incredible story. You guys are all truly amazing! Welcome, Sadie! I can’t wait to meet you… you have some awesome parents.
    Congrats, you guys. Can’t wait to see you! Love ya!!!
    -Elizabeth & Jeremy

  3. Stacey

    Brookie, I’m so proud of you, and hope to meet little big Sadie sooner than later. So many birth plans end up as C-sections and I hope you don’t let that take away at all from your experience. I have already gotten to be in several C-sections at nursing school and there is nothing easy about them. Good job staying open and flexible. When you get all settled in, lets talk. I’m curious, was the midwife/assistants out of the picture once the transfer to the hospital happened? Congratulations to all ya’ll and Thanks for forwarding me the blog, I’m in tears, and I can’t believe you already wrote all that!

  4. Stephanie Fouse

    Sorry to hear that things didn’t go as planned. I can relate to that. I did have Grace vaginally, but barely got to hold her before I was rushed to the OR for repairs. When I came back, I couldn’t even feel my arms enough to hold her alone. I was worried about bonding and breastfeeding, but we managed. I did feel sad that there were part of the birth that I didn’t remember and things that I hadn’t wanted to happen. As you said, the important thing is that Sadie is here and you’re both doing well. It is still a little sad that things didnt go as you wanted, but that is OK to let yourself feel that for a little bit. Hope Trevor’s doing OK too. Benjamin was pretty scared by our big deal. We’re thinking of the three of you.

  5. Nicole

    Michael, Abbey and I are so excited for you! We can relate to the craziness (and scary) beginning. Abbey cannot wait to meet Sadie and show her the ropes!

    The Walbergs

  6. Nao

    Brooke & Trevor,

    Congrats! I’ve been following your blog on and off, and this post is incredible! I’m amazed you were able to write this shortly after giving birth. I’ve never had a child, so this is extremely informative.

    Sadie is so beautiful, and she has such wonderful parents. Keep us posted about all the happenings!

  7. kat

    Welcome SADIE! (see you didn’t have to stress about the name thing!)

    She is BEAUTIFUL. i am sorry about the C – I know it wasn’t in your and Trevor’s plan, but I am happy that you were prepared for it and you are recovering and SADIE IS HERE!!!

    can’t wait to meet her once things calm down!

  8. Shannon

    Wow! I know things did not go according to plan (mine didn’t either) but it is still TOTALLY worth it!!! The C-Section isn’t so bad. I healed up fairly quickly. I am so happy for you! I can’t even tell you. This is life changing! You are offically a mommy! (and already a good one!) I can’t wait to see pictures. I would love to call but will refrain because I have been there. I bet Sadie is just precious! (and a big healthy girl). In a couple of weeks I would love to bring some food by or anything I can do to help out. Let me know! Love Ya!

  9. eve

    Brooke!!! I am so happy for you and so happy that you and Sadie are both happy and healthy! I can’t wait to meet your little one. I will try to get over there soon with some dinner for you guys. Call me if you need anything!

  10. Sam

    Congratulations!!! Don’t let your self get too down about the C-section, sometimes those little bits have their own entrance plans and they sure don’t consult their parents first! haha.
    She’s beautiful. Way to go!

  11. amy

    hey darlin!! I am so proud of you for already writing on your blog. I know you both are just wiped out! I remember so vividly these next few weeks. the most beautiful and exhausting time of my life. sorry about the change in plans. you are rolling with this so well. Eli was posterior (or Stargazer) as my dr. called it. Felt like the worst pain I’ve ever had…. and yes, I had no epidural at 9 cm. It was awful. I think I scared all the other women in labor who could hear me from my hospital room. Labor lasted almost 26 hours.
    But, what are we left with after all our hard work.. these beautiful babies we made with the men we love who depend on us for love, food, and clean diapers! Just wait until she is smiling at you and calling you mama!! It’s the best. Eli and I had a giggling spell yesterday after coming back from the zoo.. and it was one of our best moments together ever. Hug Trevor for me..and tell him he is a doing a good job. He will need that!!! LOVE YOU ALL! We will have some good bbq with horseradish when you are ready! call me if there is ANY thing you need.

  12. Chandle

    I’m so incredibly happy for you both. I’m also super excited that it’s a little girl. Next time I’m in town, I can’t wait to see you and your precious little girl. Way to go, Edwards family!

  13. Stephanie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I’m so happy for you guys!

    SO, do you believe in arranged marriage? Because I think Jasper and Sadie would be great together.

  14. Stephanie

    AAHH, ok, I’m so excited I’m leaving another message. Your birth story is intense!! I’m glad you’re recovering well–was the c-section scary or just so fast that you didn’t even notice it?

    I’m glad Sadie is healthy and happy, and that you’re breast-feeding together!!

    Aaahh, congrats again!

  15. Rachel

    Congrats Brooke & Trevor! Glad to hear that everyone is recovering nicely. I look forward to meeting Sadie! I really like the name choice, by the way. Congrats again!

  16. melissa

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! i’m with all of the above— sorry that it didn’t go according to plan, but SO thrilled that you are all healthy and happy. congrats again! welcome to the world, little sadie! 🙂

  17. Judith

    Sadie! Welcome to the world, sweetpea. It’s an amazing ride.

    Brooke and Trevor, I’m so very happy for you. You made a miracle, and here she is, smack in the center of your life. Isn’t it grand?

    Brooke, thanks so much for giving us your story. You’re a peach, Mommy.

  18. Ashley

    you have been through so much since we heard from you last! you have been through the gauntlet to motherhood and experienced far more than most will ever come close to. you are amazing! welcome to the mommy club!


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