We are in for it.

I’ve got the feeling Sadie is going to give us a real run for our money.

In other news: I thought I was giving Sadie a late nap when she FINALLY fell asleep at 5:20 yesterday (after trying to get her down since 3:45), but she ended up sleeping until 6:30 this morning. Well, she woke up to nurse every one and a half to two hours to nurse (though she doesn’t really wake up all the way for that, most of the time). That’s THIRTEEN hours, folks! How the heck does that happen? What’s the explaination here???

In other, other news: we are considering (as in, probably going to do it today) getting Sadie an exersaucer. I never thought I’d spend money on such a gargantuan piece of noisy plastic, but heck if she doesn’t just love the one at her Mimi and Papa’s house. And she’s getting a little big for the Bumbo, not to mention her annoyance at her always dropping her toys out of reach. Yes, this is me rationalizing a purchase I’m bound to regret in one way or another. Our house is a little small to be welcoming in such gear. Should I be buying what is, essentially a babysitter–something I can stick her in while I do things like cook or clean (that I probably could do with her in the sling)?

Have any of you bought something like this for your babes? What’s the verdict? How long did your baby use it? Am I totally over analyzing this decision (yes)?

4 thoughts on “We are in for it.

  1. shannon

    Nash had one and liked it but really did not use it all that long. If you can borrow one or get one used that would probably be better.

  2. Amy A.

    I think it’s a great idea. Lane loved his from about 5 months old, I even put a phone book under it for him to reach so he could use it when his feet did not touch. He loved it that much! He used it until he walked around 11-12 months. Good luck, I say go for it!

  3. Sara

    Brooke –

    I doubt it is still being sold, but we bought the one that was recalled a few months later: Evenflo Recalls About 256,000 of Its ExerSaucer Triple Fun Stationary Activity Centers. (It is only dangerous in its ‘3rd stage’ so we left it in its ‘2nd stage’.)

    We posted a picture on our blog of Darcy in the ExerSaucer when she was 4.5 months and promptly received an email from a well meaning friend that her pediatrician said the floor was the best place for kids this age and that it could delay walking. I searched PubMed and the AMA website, but could not find any official or scientific opinion against it.

    I agree that the ExerSaucer should be used in moderation, but we loved it. In addition to it being 30 toys in one, it is also a safe place for the kids to be while we shower or bathe the other baby or do a little yard work. They also learned to stand while holding onto it.

    Don’t fear the plastic! Enjoy! (But use a coupon… Babies R Us has a 15% of one baby item coupon at the moment.)

    1. citysteader Post author

      Thanks for the info, Sara! Sadie’s patience with any one setting is pretty short, so she doesn’t spend too much time in any one place! That girl is on the move! She spends a ton of time on the floor and is getting sooo close to crawling. We got one on Sunday (And got a super deal on it!), and it is panning out to be a good, safe place to let her play while we get some quick things done. The Bumbo had served well for that, but her thighs are just so chubby she’s not going to fit much longer (and she gets really irritated when her toys fall on the floor). Fortunately she doesn’t have teeth yet, because I left her on the floor in her room with some stuffed animals to go check on how many diapers the diaper bag needed, and I came back to find her across the room with the alarm clock cord in her hands. Yikes! I’m so impressed with those of you with twins.


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