We are ill. Sadie’s seven-month-old post to come later.

When I was in junior high, we had to watch this video about sex. It wasn’t so much informative (it was a Catholic school, after all). In fact, it was kind of like the opposite of a pep talk–like a motivational speaker trying to de-motivate us from having premarital sex. There were only three things that stuck with me: the speaker lady’s HORRIBLE haircut; some joke she tried to crack about boys’ tube socks (I’m still not even sure I get it now); and the speaker’s exclamation, “but nobody tooooold me (I’d get pregnant/get an STD/etc).”

ANYWAY. How’s that for an intro? It’s the last part that comes back to me the most–perhaps because my friend, Erin, and I would quote her often. And what I’m trying to say is this: But nobody toooooold me it would be so pitiful when your baby is sick. And nobody tooooold me it would be hard as crap to take care of a sick baby while sick yourself. Folks, be warned. The saddest sound on Earth? The sound of Sadie crying with a hoarse voice. The meanest thing I’ve ever done? Held Sadie down while Trevor puts drops in her ears.

Rest assured, we do NOT have H1N1. We just have a major mofo of a cold, and we’ve had it for well over a week now. Yesterday we learned that Sadie has a double ear infection. Poor dear. The crazy thing is, for the most part, you’d never know she was sick. She’s some sort of freak trooper person. I’ve been miserable about being sick–I usually am. I complain; I don’t want to do anything; I am generally worthless. Sadie, on the other hand, is mostly smiles and plays like everything is fine and dandy. Throbbing ear drums? No problem! If she didn’t look so much like me, I might think they’d switched her up with someone else in the hospital. And it’s fantastic for her to be that way, except that I wonder if we might have caught her ears earlier if she’d, you know, acted sick.

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been…I’ve been having baby barf in my bed, having sinus infection goo come out my tear ducts (Gross, I know!), having major bouts of nausea, and having to figure out new ways to get the little bug to sleep. I have hardly been at work, which sucks when you get paid hourly. I have hardly been brushing my teeth.

And I didn’t get a single picture of Sadie on her seven-month birthday. I’m sure she’ll forgive me. Hopefully we’ll be feeling a bit better tomorrow, and I can get some taken. I turned a corner for the better early this evening, so maybe there’s good news on the horizon for SD.

3 thoughts on “We are ill. Sadie’s seven-month-old post to come later.

  1. Bex

    I’m sorry you’re not well and I hope it passes quickly! I can’t imagine being sick and having to take care of a sick baby. Ugh.

    And as for the 7 month photo, I’ve forgotten every one since the 4 month, but I find Jack looks the same the next day 😉 Now if only we could get rid of that pesky digital time stamp, they would never know.

    1. citysteader Post author

      Thanks! Well, I hope it passes soon enough. It’s been going on so long, I don’t think we’ll be able to call any of it quick. I’m feeling about 85% this morning, and Sadie seems to be doing pretty well. Just need her to have a fever-free 24 hours so she can go to daycare tomorrow.

  2. shannon

    Sorry you all have been sick and I 100 percernt agree that it’s hardest thing (so far) in parenthood to have your little one sick and even tougher when you are too.get well soon.


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