Wayback Wednesday

Oh, there are just so many things that make me sentimental when I see this picture. Although my short-term memory has always been horrible, my memory for the little details of my life is deep.

Okay, so that’s me on the left. Then Vincent, the youngest, who recently graduated (early!) from law school, is married and has a two-year-old. Then Paul, who Sadie came out looking like at first. He’s jot a great job helping kids, he’s getting married next year and he and his fiancee have four (!) dogs, two birds and an aquarium full of fish. Then Meg, who could not look more like Aunt Margie if she tried. Despite appearances, I am six months and 22 days older than Meg. She and I had a love-not-love relationship growing up, since we were so close. But now it’s nothing but love. She has finally found her path as a real estate agent (so if you’re in the Central AR area and need to sell or buy a house, let her know!), and she’s doing a really good job at it.

I’m pretty sure this picture was taken in the summer of 1991, I think. We were at our Nonie’s (grandmother) house, and we had just finished a performance for her to the Mickey Mouse Club record on her record player. She also had a player piano that we would play with a lot. The four of us are the younger half of our brood, and it wasn’t unusual for us to go to Nonie’s while the older three went somewhere more exotic with Aunt Margie and Uncle Gene. To be fair, we got our turn as the older ones moved out of the house. And even though we probably complained on the way to West Memphis, we always had a good time with Nonie. We played a lot of Rummikube. We played hide-and-go-seek and sardines over and over. We took walks around her block. And we probably said the Rosary every night we were there. Oh, and the food! Nonie is Italian and made the BEST spaghetti. She also had a way with pot roast and green beans. And always a slice of wheat bread on the side. Having been a child during the Depression (She was born in 1920, which means she’s turning 90 this year!), she was quite the saver. She had stores and stores of nonperishable goods–though, trust me, a five-year-old soda has had time to perish! She now lives in Florida with one of our uncles, and her house was sold a few years ago. But I think I could probably draw you the floor plan in two minutes.

2 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday

  1. Sam

    loving this picture!! Also even though my parents constantly give me updates on how mature Vincent is since they see him at church often, I still cant believe these stories of him!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    Awwwwwww. This picture makes me so nostalgic. I miss those days of old Sprite and after-dinner “shows” in front of the player piano (on the parquet that made it sound like you had taps on, no matter what shoes you were wearing), and the most wonderful spaghetti and meat sauce ever!!! Oh and the scent of Nonie’s night cream (Pond’s, I think) and waking up to the smell of coffee and pancakes. Thank you. 🙂


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