Way Back Wednesday: The Way We Were

This picture is a little dark, but it’s probably the first one I have of Trevor and me. We were at a party not quite two weeks after we started dating–a little over six years ago. We were so young!!!

A few things to note about this photo:

1. Trevor’s hair. It was fantastic. The stache, not so much.

2. The hat I’m wearing. Trevor wore it all the time, and I stole it frequently. Very flirtatious. I’m pretty sure the fact that Trevor wore a hat that said “COCKS” on it totally freaked my family out. Among other things.

3. The chair-sharing. Gah, we were gross. We must have sat in the same chair for the entire first year of our relationship. Okay, so we were to of a gaggle of volunteers, and seating was always at a premium. But you’d think at least every once in a while we’d want some space. Honestly, we only started drinking from separate water glasses when I was pregnant and very selfish about my water needs. We were probably sharing that stinkin mason jar there on the right. Cheesefest.

4. I can’t remember who did it, but somebody wrote “REDRUM” on the bricks on the fireplace with shaving cream. Not sure how long it stayed there, but I think for quite a while.

5. I hate to admit it, but I really really miss being that skinny. I’ll never be that thin again, and I didn’t have the sense to appreciate it while I still had it. This was before Trevor and I started pseudo-living together, which led to cooking together and my trying (why?) to keep up with his appetite (the boy is like a goat).

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