THIS is what happened to Sadie and me today:

This morning, Sadie and I were peacefully swinging on the porch swing (Sadie was even considering a nap), when the hook on one side came out, dumping Sadie and me onto the porch floor. Sadie is fine, just a couple of goose eggs on her noggin, but no bleeding or concussion or anything like that. I was stung by a couple of angry yellowjackets or bees. In all, a total catastrophe, but we’ve recovered nicely. Sheesh.

2 thoughts on “THIS is what happened to Sadie and me today:

  1. Sam

    Glad everybody is okay! That happened to Cristina Blanco, Christine Hoffmann, and I when Nick sat down on the swing on top of all of us (obviously weight did us in… not you two) but anyway an angry english tea rose wrapped his arm around nicks body… sheesh. porch swings are dangerous!


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