The kindness of strangers

This is the PILE of gifts Sadie received from people who donate to the shelter where Sadie goes to daycare. They knew she wasn’t a resident, but they gave to her anyway. I’m a little taken aback at the generosity. We went ahead and opened them tonight (Happy Solstice, I guess), so we could see if there were any gifts we’d rather donate to someone else. I think we’re going to pass on the plastic-balls-popping-in-the-air thing, as well as the flashcards. Probably against my better judgement, we’re letting her keep the Leap Frog Violet puppy thing…it is plush, but it can say her name (freaky) and play songs and “teach” her stuff. She just REALLY seemed to like it. And we’re suckers, apparently. She also got some clothes and socks, which is always helpful.

One thought on “The kindness of strangers

  1. amirao21

    WOW! How wonderful and sweet of them! Sadie may not be a resident at the shelter, but I’m sure she’s quite the attention-getter. Who doesn’t love a baby!

    And I guess Happy Solstice to you too…


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