Silly questions

It still never ceases to amuse (and sort of annoy) me that almost anyone in public, even people I know, seem to HAVE to ask the following two questions:

1. Is she a good baby? Well, of course she is.  I mean, who the heck answers that question with a “NO, she’s terrible, I wish I could send her back”?  Why bother asking a question when you know what the answer is going to be?

2. Does she sleep through the night? I also don’t get this one.  She has, maybe, just a few times.  She’s a hungry infant!  I know some babies do, but that seems more the exception to the rule, right?…

I guess these are just the standard ice breakers to get me talking about her, just like “When’s your due date?” and “Do you know what you’re having?” are during pregnancy.

2 thoughts on “Silly questions

  1. Shannon

    Oh, I know what you mean! It especially hated hearing my son slept through the night at two weeks old and did it ever since. One I think they are lying and since it was 30 years ago since your son was 2 weeks old I question whether or not they remember that far back. And it most definately isn’t the norm. A better question would be how’s she sleeping because that seems to change every week with us! And of course he’s a good baby. He’s my baby!!! It makes me wonder if their baby was cholic or something and they had a tough time because I do hear about that a lot and can not imagine going through that.

  2. eve

    Brooke, I love reading your posts. Glad to hear you got a ‘good baby’ (like there is any other kind)! People are so strange sometimes. Give Sweet Sadie a little kiss on the forehead from me and give me a call if you want to have lunch delivered one day this week! I’d love to see you. –eve


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