Sadie is a little lamb.

Sadie’s first Halloween was pretty uneventful. But she sure was a darling little lamb. I dressed her up and took her to see her Dad at work. The Halloween highlight was meeting up with a few cousins at Mimi and Papa’s house. Everyone was super cute, and it was darn near impossible to get decent photos of the squirmy worms. Hopefully next year we can do a little trick-or-treating. Sadie is crashed out in her car seat, which is sitting in her crib. Considering the (sickly) week we’ve had, I’m not too surprised! Tomorrow we have a busy, family-filled day, with a baptism and a birthday dinner to attend.

2 thoughts on “Sadie is a little lamb.

  1. Shannon

    Sweet little lamb. Nash’s first Halloween was uneventful too. In fact Chris and I went out to eat while his Mimi watched him for part of the night. This year was so much more fun when he could actually enjoy it. But it is always fun to dress them up and see how cute they look. Looks like Nari and Willow were checking her out, making sure it was still Sadie in that costume.


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