Post script,

I’ve thought of some more things I wanted to tell you about your nine-month old self, Sadie, so here they are.

Your memory has really been developing over the last month, and it’s been fascinating to watch. You remember where your toys are and you remember what you like to do with each of them (shake, shake, shake the home-made shakers—uh, old prescription bottles filled with rice and pop corn). Your attachment to objects is really strong. We worked to establish this with your Lovey, mostly to help your transition to daycare. But then you got your first baby doll (Dolly) for Christmas from Mimi and Papa. I’m not exactly sure what it is about her, but you’ve loved her since the minute I took her out of the box. You drag her EVERYWHERE, and you will literally yell at us if she’s out of reach or if one of us has her. She has little eyes that blink, which I honestly think made you more aware of our eyes—just a day or so after using your little index finger to open and close her eyes, you were all about trying to do the same to me (ouch!).

And speaking of your index finger, boy do you love to wag it at us. It’s especially hilarious when you do it when something is happening that’s making you mad (like a diaper change when you have antibiotic-induced wicked diaper rash). I like to imagine you’re telling me off. You do it when you’re happy, too. You’re also pointing at things you want, and being overall a bit more demanding. We’re working on signing with you (“more,” “all done” and “eat” for starters), but it’s mostly a one-way street so far. You protest when something is taken from you, and I hope to goodness that you’re not going to be That Girl, the one who pitches a fit when she doesn’t get her way. I think we’ll be okay in that department, though.

Your memory has extended to associating one object with another. You DEFINITELY know that the white container with the blue lid holds the puffs you like a lot. I have to hide the container if I want you to eat something else.

We took you to your nine-month appointment today, and you are doing just great. You did not so much like the heel-prick in the lab … man, it took forever for dude to get all the blood out that he needed. If I hadn’t been holding your arms down, I suspect there would have been a TON of finger wagging in his general direction. You’re 29 inches long and still just a bit under 18 pounds—definitely thinning out a bit. We’d assumed you’d be walking by this appointment, because you were already so mobile at your six-month appointment. But we are a-okay with you waiting a while longer on that one. We are going to let Mimi get you some good shoes, which may speed things along. Mostly, our floors are just so dang cold, and you refuse to keep two socks on your feet (I like to call you a “one-sock baby”).

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but you get more and more delightful every day.

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