Photo update: almost 5 months old!

Teething on Dad’s new handlebar.

Strumming some tunes.

First one to sit on Dad’s new bike.

Teething in her ExerSaucer.

Thank you to everyone who offered to let Sadie borrow a stationary entertainer.  Okay, more specifically, thanks to the three of you who all offered to let Sadie borrow the Rainforest Jumperoo!  Unfortunately, I had not considered asking–or even waiting to see if anyone offered–before we’d already gone out and bought and put together this thing for her.  I do NOT win the Frugal Mom Award.  The good news is we got a crazy good deal at Burlington (Baby Depot, to be precise).  And this ExerSaucer is like a hybrid walker ExerSaucer.  She gets to push herself around, but she can’t take off and run over the cats’ tails and bang into furniture.  She just goes round and round and round.  Though, I just realized when I stopped to take this picture that she can’t really get anyhere with socked feet.  We’ll have to work that out somehow…the weather is so awesome, we’ve got doors and windows open, and the house is an oh-so-cool 73F right now.

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