Nine Months!

I’m not even sure I can believe it, Sadie. You are nine months old! You’ve been “outside” almost as long as you were “inside.” I’m pretty sure you’re learning about five new things a day, so you’re definitely putting your outside time to good use. We’ve been visiting your Tennessee family this past week, and you’ve had a total blast. You haven’t hesitated to spend time in your grandparents’ or aunts’ arms, and you find them all very entertaining. Your big things this week have been learning to blow into a recorder and associating clapping your hands with joy (I’ve got video I’ll post soon of the two combined–total cuteness).

You’re becoming more and more of an independent little being, playing for longer stretches with your toys and feeding yourself. You’ve been fighting ear infections for who knows how long, but we’re finally going to get you tubes, which will hopefully be a big improvement (especially in the sleeping department). Yeah, so you’re still not the best sleeper. Last night you slept three hours in a row, and it was kind of revolutionary. Let’s work on that, okay?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to go along with this post. A) We’re actually recovering today from our 10+ hour through-the-night drive home (I’m writing this on the 2nd, before we hit the road); B) I’ve already posted most of the good pictures from this past month; and C) It’s getting harder and harder to get good pictures of you–my camera is limited in its ability to take good indoor shots when you’re on the move (always). But I’ll get some pictures of you today (the 3rd) later to commemorate.

I feel like you’re going to be a year old, like, tomorrow. It’s exciting, but it’s also really sad. Your Dad’s and my third wedding anniversary is on Tuesday. I’m not sure how we’ll celebrate, but I bet it’ll involve lots of kisses for you!

4 thoughts on “Nine Months!

  1. shannon

    Man time flies doesn’t it? I think having a kid makes you realize that more than anything else. Happy 9 months to Sadie and happy anniversar to you and Trevor.


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