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Wow. I really haven’t been posting at all, have I?  I’ve totally been meaning to, but I haven’t because of the reasons I stated in the last post AND because I just haven’t felt like I’ve had enough moments to get to it.  In fact, it’s been quite a while since I even took pictures of Sadie.  I feel sort of like I’m failing to document the changes she’s already going through (she’s been SMILING for a good while now!).  But then when I sit back and think about it, it’s really just that I’m busy LIVING life with Sadie.

I did manage to take a few pictures today.  She's working on her senior portrait poses.

I did manage to take a few pictures today. She's working on her senior portrait poses.

So here’s what a little of what life with Sadie is like:

Mornings start a whole lot earlier than I’m used to liking.  I usually consider the day to have started after her 6:30/7ish feeding.  Trevor starts doing stuff around the house and getting ready for work, and I sneak in a shower and some breakfast.  The thing about Sadie is that she NEVER likes to be put down.  I mean, sometimes we can sneakily set her down and she’ll be fine for oh, say, 20 minutes or so.  But then the game is up, and one of us is holding her again.  So we basically take turns holding her in the mornings giving each other the chance to get ready for the day.

Trevor leaves for work by about 9:15, and by then Sadie and I are stationed on the couch, which is where we spend much of our day.  While she sleeps on my chest (which is where she is this moment), I’ll read blogs online and check email, or I’ll watch something from Netflix on the TV or on the computer.

Lunchtime is kind of tricky.  If she’s in a deep enough sleep, sometimes I can lie Sadie down in the bassinet or on the couch while I fix lunch.  Other days, like today, she’s fussing before I’ve got the bread out for my sandwich.  That’s when my one-handed skills are honed.  Afternoons sometimes bring visitors, but often I put on a movie I’ve seen a hundred times and I sleep while she sleeps on me.  If it’s a Tuesday or a Sunday, Trevor and I get out with her and run necessary errands.  I’ve taken a walk in the neighborhood with Sadie in the stroller, but my surgery pain is still strong enough to make me suffer the next day, so I haven’t quite made walks a regular part of the routine, though I’m hoping to do so soon.

Trevor gets home from work around 6:30, and he usually takes over on the holding while I fix dinner.  We are still, thankfully, eating off of meals our dear friends have brought us (seriously, thank y’all so much!), which makes preparing dinner pretty fast.  If Sadie is chill enough, we eat together with one of us holding her while we eat.  If she’s a bit more difficult, we’ll take turns so the one holding her can be soothing her.  Evenings consist of taking turns holding her while we hang out talking or watching TV or movies.

Bedtime can be anywhere between 9 and 11, depending on when she’s eaten last.  Nights hit me the hardest.  Some, like last night, are fairly easy.  She eats, she gets her diaper changed, and she’s soothed back to sleep, doing all of this about every four hours.  Other nights, she’s up every two hours and she won’t settle into a good sleep.  That’s when I get a little wacky and say things I don’t mean and worry that I’m not cut out for this.  Poor Trevor is having to learn that what would sound crazy during the day is totally normal for me to think/feel/say in the middle of the night.

A big thing I’ve come to learn about Sadie is that she’s a high-needs baby.  She’s really not too fussy, and we can count the amount of time she spends crying in terms of minutes, not hours, and we’re super thankful for that.  But I think she would be considerd a fussy baby IF we weren’t so hands-on with her.  Like I said above, she does not like being put down, and we essentially spend every waking–and sleeping–moment holding her.  She just hardly has the chance to work up to a good cry.  I suppose this is pretty much the definition of Attachment Parenting.  I’m not 100 percent right every time I try to intuit what she needs when she fusses, but it really is so much nicer to be woken up by a hungry baby who is stirring on my chest than to a whaling baby in a crib in the other room.

Things I wish I were better at (that should certainly come with practice): breastfeeding lying down in bed, getting her in the sling comfortably, handling the middle of the night stress, and burping.

8 thoughts on “Life with Sadie

  1. melissa

    sounds like you’re doing great, mama! OF COURSE you are cut out for this. 🙂 keep up the good work. for real. you’re a champ!

  2. Natalea Stover Shepherd

    You are doing good. The nursing while laying down comes as she becomes a better nurser. Trust me I totally understand the middle of the night comments! I am guilty of it too! This will get easier and better!

  3. Amanda Martin-Staton

    Ok the lying down while nursing gets much better with time! We are 2 months in and just getting used to it! And of course you are cut out for this….God wouldn’t have given you a baby otherwise! Don’t worry to much about anything, things will be “normal” before you know it and you will miss the times that you have in the middle of the night whil the whole house is quiet and it is just the 2 of you! I know that I cherish every feeding like that. (Sometimes I almost fall asleep, but I still LOVE every second!!) Oh and by the way, she is absolutley GORGEOUS, you should be a very proud mommy!!!

  4. Stephanie

    GIrrrrrrrrrrrl, I feel you. Our mornings are exactly like that–Jasper and I are usually on the couch/computer chair by 9 or 10, and I watch movies and read blogs while he sleeps cuddled on me. My one-handed skills are becoming phenomenal, as this boy also appreciates being cuddled. I love it thouuugh.

    Are you guys co-sleeping? I think you said you didn’t think you had enough room, but I’m asking since she likes to be held. Jasper snuggles under my right arm pit and sleeps about 4 hours before waking up to eat, so he only wakes up twice during the night, usually. It’s amazing, and also SOOOO beautiful to wake up to this little baby.

    and the middle of the night…ah, always the most trying time.

  5. katie Short

    Oh my gosh, I still say some of the worst things in the middle of the night. Travis used to try to reason with me in the beginning until we developed the middle of the night clause. I think now he actually just sleeps through the “negotiating” the Honey and I sometimes do in the wee hours of the morn, but he also lets go of the stupid things I say then. I just try to remind myself that neither of us, and she especially, won’t remember those moments down the road. Also, just because I’m not the “perfect” mother I’d planned to be doesn’t mean that I’m not made to do it, just that mothering is really hard, even when you’re doing it right.
    I used to fantasize about the nursing lying down before we got the hang of it, and it really didn’t come until she could hold her head on her own. Around 8 weeks I think.
    I think about you two all the time.

  6. Shannon

    Reading your post brought back so many memories. All I can say is it is rough at first but does get better with time. Your doing great though and all new mom’s feel that way. Nash was horrible at sleeping for any length of time and also like to be held. Wow! Sadie has changed so much in the what two weeks ago that I saw her. They change so much at that age. Maybe not to you but everyone else thinks so. Take care and remember you are doing great!

  7. Elizabeth

    You guys are doing an awesome job. Sadie’s lookin’ gorgeous, too, might I add. 😉 Now that school is over for me, we should do lunch soon, yes? I’ll bring. Talk to you soon, friend. Love ya!

  8. Becky (Scott) Mounsey

    I agree, it takes awhile to get the hang of nursing while laying down–most everyone has to get the hang of nursing PERIOD before they can attempt that….
    You will not be perfect at everything, but all you can hope & pray for is that you’re doing your best, which is all anyone can ask.
    You sound like you’re doing great!!


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