I love this cat; we have no computer

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my Tarzan. This picture will have to show you.

In other news, we woke up to a defunct laptop this morning (worked last night…), and it’s on its way to the laptop hospital for two to three weeks, so all of my posts will be coming to you via my phone. Boo for no laptop…no Netflix watch instantly movies, no Veronica Mars on the WB website, no uploading Harry Potter audio books before my trip.

The spectacular news to come out of this: my mess seem to definitely be working. Last week, had this happened, I would have freaked the frack out. Today? Cool as a cuke. It’s so nice to know that my “episodes” or what have you were a product of my brain chemistry. It’s a relief to know that this medicine will help allow me to function as myself, without the uncontrolable negative emotions. I’m sure I’m not 100% in the clear or anything, but I know it’s working. More on this later.

One thought on “I love this cat; we have no computer

  1. shannon

    Glad your meds are working. That is going to help you so much. Sorry about your laptop. That stinks. I’m not a cat person but that’s a cute picture. Hope you have fun on your trip!


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