I don’t even know what to call this post.

Holy freaking shit.

I’m not one to swear too much on my blog, but I’ll say it again.

Holy freaking shit.

We just had a vomit explosion take place in our house. In Sadie’s crib. On the bedroom carpet. On the bathroom floor. Twice. Sad, screaming Sadie. Actually, in between voms, Sadie was pretty chill about the whole situation. Trevor helped strip us both down (apparently, I CAN rise above my gag reflex when it comes to Sadie’s vomit), and I got in the shower with Sadie to clean her off and wind her down. She clung to me like a little baby monkey. Put her head on my shoulder in a way so unlike how she normally would. She’s so tired, and apparently, still so sick. They said she had a fine time at daycare today. Actually napped an almost decent amount. Her only issue was the WICKED diaper rash her antibiotic has caused (yeah, turns out you can’t be too young for antibiotics to wreck you “down there”). Poor thing screams after she poops–which is happening all the time, I’m assuming because of the medicine. I’m seriously considering making her some breastmilk yogurt. Okay, I already was, I just might end up doing it tomorrow if I can get my hands on a starter.

So now, Sadie is sleeping in her swing again. And I am on the couch with the cats (Junebug has turned the blankets into a fort, of course) so I can listen for her to start wretching again.

I almost don’t remember what it was like for us to both be well.

It’s been nearly two weeks.

We want our life back.

On a happier note:


Another picture for you of Sadie in her lamb costume. Because I can't get enough.

7 thoughts on “I don’t even know what to call this post.

  1. Shannon

    I am so sorry Brooke. That sucks so much. Hopefully it won’t be much longer. As far as the diaper rash, I had the doctor call me in a prescription strength diaper rash creme when Nash’s was that bad and it helped so much.

  2. Amy A.

    Brooke- For the diaper rash I have gone through MANY OTC creams and prescription. I finally found one recommeded by Lane’s doctor that worked like a charm. It’s called Lantiseptic skin protectant. You have to ask for it they keep it behind the pharmacy counter and it comes in a jar for like 4.99 or10.00 for the big jar (I found it at Freds and a local pharmacy after calling about 9 pharmacies in search of this stuff…it’s like Gold! It’s really thick and goopy and works fast. Once I found this stuff we never had yeast diaper rashes again! Good luck.

  3. Leah

    Poor baby! (And poor mama). I sure hope this bug lets up soon for you both. And props to you for hanging in there (not that I would ever think that you wouldn’t…). You’re doing a great job!

  4. kat

    sick babies are the WORST. and the vomiting…it’s so sad b/c you can’t DO A THING but wait for it to be over as it spews all about. 🙂

    i also can not get enough of the little lamb pictures so if you want to just keep posting those, uh, now until forever that would be great with me! 😉

    hope you both get back to full strength SOON!

  5. tara

    we use horse salve for the diaper rash. it goes away so quickly and you can get it a a co-op or feed store. sounds crazy but it works!!


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