Get gDiapers super cheap

I’ve meant to post this, but of course it’s always busy around here. If you use or are considering using gDiapers, go here to Baby Cheapskate for cupon codes to get six gDiaper covers for $40 (which is unreal).  We’ve got some friends who use the covers with prefold diapers and love them.  Ours just came in the mail today, and I’m excited because the weight ranges are outstanding.  The mediums are for 13 to 28 pounds.  I’d been trying to decide what covers I wanted to get some more of, but was hesitating because I don’t know how much Sadie weighs these days, and the weight ranges are all very different from cover to cover (and some fit longer or not as long as they say, depending on the shape of your baby).  Unfortunately, the coupon codes are only good through June 30, so you’d better hurry!

Once we test these out, I’ll do a review of the different cloth diaper covers we’ve used.  I did just check, and the bumGenius doublers (same as the newborn inserts) fit right in (we’ve got probably two dozen of these), so I’m not even going to worry about getting any gDiaper liners (FYI, they are now carrying reusalbe cloth liners in addition to the disposable ones).

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