Friday links and a few random thoughts.

I thought I’d share some links of things I’ve been reading this past week. Maybe it’ll become a regular thing on “the new blog,” which I promise is really going to happen.

This is amazing. Super awesome photos done with super high-speed shutters (h/t to Corrinne).

This is so true. It’s really hard sometimes to balance Sadie’s physical needs, which she cannot yet meet herself, with my more advanced needs, which are easy to ignore until they pile up and I’m ready to explode.

This is something that’s important to me. I had an interesting conversation with my little sister about this the other day–a glaring difference between our childhood and that of Sadie’s generation is the HUGE influx of products marketed toward children. Sure, I had a Cabbage Patch birthday cake (I always wanted to eat the entire preemie head, but my Mom wouldn’t ever let me.), but I didn’t have the matching cups, plates, balloons, party favors, sleeping bag, bed sheets, suitcase and on and on and on. Anyway…sounds like the makings of my own post, no?

This is interesting. I’m glad I went to college. I sort of wish I hadn’t gone to graduate school (of course, then I wouldn’t have Shannon in my life, which would be bad). Trevor did neither and has made a great place for himself in his career path as a bicycle mechanic. But now he has to share my grad school debt. I wonder what things will be like when Sadie is college-aged.

This is a nice goal to have. I think, once I get hired on “for real” and am making a nicer salary, I want to use this method of financial planning.

And here are some things I’ve been thinking about today.

  • Why are we supposed to get our doctor’s approval before we introduce our babies to any and all foods? Really, do I need a medical professional to tell me whether or not Sadie can have peas? I get asking for guidance for things like potentially-allergenic foods, but I just keep reading, “You can offer ___ to your baby (with your doctor’s consent, of course) from ___ months of age.” Really? Does anybody actually do this? I don’t ask this so I can ridicule… I truly am interested.
  • I am almost never ever alone. I knew this was what I was getting into, and I wouldn’t go back and undo it if I could. But, man, it would kind of be nice to be able to come home to an empty house and just lie around on the couch for two hours, maybe watching a Harry Potter movie for the fiftybillionth time. Or watch Clueless on Netflix, since Trevor won’t watch it with me. Even if I did get that time alone, I’d probably spend it cleaning the floors. Which I hate to do, and which would make me mad that I was spending my alone time cleaning. But it really stinks to see the knees of Sadie’s pants turn brown after crawling from just one end of the room to the other. I get over it, I guess.
  • Trevor just told me that maybe we really can move to Europe some day. I’ve been trying to figure out how to leverage his bicycle mechanic career into a move to Europe, and he’s always told me it wouldn’t work. If he worked for a team (like those that race in the Tour de France, for example), Sadie and I would never see him. But, NOW he tells me that there are companies in Europe that, if he got some mechanics licenses and payed his dues working races here in the U.S., he might have the slightest chance at getting hired by. It’s a long shot, sure, and it would/will take him a long time to even get to where it’s a long shot. But there’s a chance, and that’s all I’m looking for right now!

2 thoughts on “Friday links and a few random thoughts.

  1. Stephanie

    So many things!

    Trevor has Sean’s dream job. Sean has been wanting to learn how to be a bike mechanic since…forever. Since I’ve known him, at least. I think your Europe plan is great–we’re trying to leverage Sean’s job right now into a move to Europe! He’ll have a year of non-competitive status, so he’s going to apply for fed. jobs in the UK and other places.

    I don’t call Jasper’s doctor about food…I don’t see the point. We’re giving him so many things now that I think it’s silly to check in, but I never did, even in the beginning, even after the bananas. I just told them he threw up, and then didn’t give him fruit for a while until we found out he’s not allergic.

    The alone thing..oh my god, do I feel you. I realized the other day I am ONLY alone when Sean is giving Jasper a bath, and this is like.. 10 minutes. Tops. So 10 minutes of the day, I am alone. And I love Jasper to pieces, but yeah…I would love to come home to an empty house, or go to a cafe or something by myself, knowing Jasper and Sean are out doing whatever, edit some photos without having to get up…ok, I just looked over at Jasper, and he was smiling up at me, and made me feel bad for typing all of that. But still.

    Considering I’m working as a photographer and this has nothing to do with my undergrad degree…yeah, I’d be happy if I didn’t have mountains of debt to pay.

    The marketing towards kids is something I talked about a LOT in my sociology of childhood class a few years ago. It’s completely disturbing, we’re already trying to avoid it. While I was pregnant, I got so sick of friends telling me that it was impossible to not get what the kids want when they ask for it, and I find it amazing that people don’t see what’s going on. No, your child does not need Dora shoes, bikes, socks, t shirts, hats, glitter pens, bracelets, and headbands. He or she will live.

  2. Shannon

    awww…Thanks Brooke. I know all to well about no alone time any more. I also know about student loan debt. I so need to budget my money to now exactly how much I can work on paying it off but it seems like little time to sit down and do much of anything these days. In fact I just glanced at some of your links today because there is not enough time at the moment. For me, I don’t know what I would want to do without my graduate degree. Couldn’t do much with just my undergrade. So, I knew from the begining that I had to go to grad school to make it worth it.


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