Eight is great!

Alright, girl. You’re eight months old now. I’m sorry I had to skip posting on your seventh month, but we were totally sick when that went down. You have been BUSY to the max the last two months. And, sadly, I’ve not had the chance to photograph much of it. I’ve included some pictures taken with my phone, but we’ll have to wait on any others until I get my camera back from your Mimi and Papa’s house. You are a master at crawling (you even have turbo speed), and you are quite skilled in cruising along the furniture. You’ve taken a couple of spills, like, off the bed. But you are a-okay.

Chewing on your dad's belt.

During your seventh month, you had a photo shoot with our friend, Eve. You were so well-behaved and so photogenic. We went to Becca and John’s wedding, and supposedly there are great pictures of you. I hope we get to order some. You got your first ear infection (well infections, because both of your ears were infected) and your first MAJOR bout of diaper rash—thanks to the antibiotics. Your first Halloween was cute, but not nearly as fun as they’ll be from now on. It is your mom’s favorite holiday, after all.

Competing with your cousins to have a look at the puppy.

This month has been fun. You helped host your first Fall Chili Party, and you were a huge hit. Your first Thanksgiving was FULL of family. I think you must be a true extrovert, because you just go go go when you’re surrounded by other people—especially other children. This works out well for daycare, except that you STILL refuse to stop to nap. They say you spend most of your (very brief) naps passed out in a walker or on somebody.

With Nonie, before Thanksgiving.

You’ve been enjoying exploring your food options; and, honestly, I’ve been having fun with that, too. Watching you learn how to do new things is one of the most rewarding parts of being your mom (do I say this every month?). You are getting your “M” sounds down, and you kind of say “mama,” though you have no idea that that’s who I am. But that’s alright. All in due time.

With Sheriff.

Your first Christmas tree is up, and we’re slowly decorating it. I’m not entirely sure what Christmas will entail for you. I do know that we’ve got a looong drive ahead of us to see your Edwards family. I can’t wait for them to see how much you’ve grown since our last visit.

With Ivy in Perryville.

You’ve got ear infections again, and we’re super sad about that. Your dad has figured out a way to deliver the nasty antibiotic without you being too upset about it. I sure am thankful for that. Your nights have been ca-razy, and we’ve been oversleeping (apparently I now have selective hearing for my alarm). But you just keep trucking along.

Your dad and I love you so so much, and it is the biggest delight ever to get to spend time with you. One of these days, I’m going to write you a letter for you to open up when you’re a teenager or something…to let you know how awesome you are right now, and to remind us all that you still must be. I’m honestly not too worried about your teenage years—maybe I’m naïve. You’re a great kid now, and I think that’s going to stick!

7 thoughts on “Eight is great!

  1. Stephanie

    Awww, happy 8 months, Sadie lou! I love that she’s a little extrovert. Jasper is a huge flirt with 2-4 people, but any over that and his eyes get all deer-in-the-headlights and he just wants to be with me. So maybe Sadie can balance him out.

    1. citysteader Post author

      Yes, I think they will balance each other quite well. Trevor and I are opposites in certain regards (he’s super laid back, and I’m a wee bit high-strung), and it works well for us! She can be the one to hit the punch bowl and come back with drinks when they go to parties.

  2. Stephanie

    ALSO! I am actually going to turn Jasper’s letters that I write into a book…you can use Blurb books and they’ll pull stuff from your blog, and you can put it into a photo book template. Anyway, I plan to do that for each year that I write them, and then he’ll have those. Just an idea! 🙂

    1. citysteader Post author

      I love that idea! I might have to do the same. I was definitely planning on doing a photo book of her first year.

    1. citysteader Post author

      We miss seeing y’all, too! Sadie is catching up to those boys (Nash and Nate)…soon she’ll be romping around with them, and play dates will be even more fun.


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