It seems as though blog readers are less likely to fall for posted April Fool’s Day jokes than Facebook readers.  With 120 hits today, only one person “fell for it” (sorry Kat).  Perhaps it has to do with the location of the date stamp on the post…or the blogosphere already being ripe with trickster posts and blog readers being better trained at spotting them.

Interesting, indeed.

There have just been so many people throughout my pregnancy (and especially now that I’m ginormous) who have asked, “Are you sure there aren’t two in there?”  I pretty much HAD to do it.  To be honest, once I got this close to April 1, I’d kind of been hoping for an April Fool’s Day baby.  Most of you don’t know this (unless you’ve known me since 6th grade), but I got my first menstrual period on April 1.  And I think it would have been such a fun coincidence to have a baby exactly 16 years later (wow–that makes me feel kind of old…can that be right?).  Like I was coming full-circle with my reproductive process or something.

In real life, I am still pregnant.  I’m hoping for that to end in the next couple of/few days, but who knows!  I’ll try to post something tomorrow (if I’m not having A baby) about what it’s like to be this close to having a baby, but not having one.

2 thoughts on “Curious

  1. Ashley

    can’t wait for the birth story! write it quick before the details fade! don’t forget to journal or blog even though you are tired–you will not regret capuring these feelings and changes at this precious time in your life!

    p.s. how’s breastfeeding going? i have probably had whatever problem(s) you may or may not be having right now and could probably suggest a remedy if you need it. call me if you want! kim has my digits!


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