CSI: Little Rock

And it begins. Sadie and I came home to find her favorite toy lying chewed on the dog couch (aka the fugly loveseat). I’d been looking for it so she could take it to the farmers market, but she had to make due with another toy for the road. The question is: who dunnit? Was it Willow, who I foolishly let sleep out of her crate last night; and who has a penchant for devouring things not belonging to her, like raincoats, coffee tables, bras, Chacos, and pant crotches, for example? OR, was it doe-eyed Nari, who generally only chews up errant pens and pieces of paper, but who has already been caught once mistaking a Sadie toy for a dog toy, and who spends her time on the dog couch while the humans are gone and Willow is locked securely in her crate?

We may never know.

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