Brace yourself for extreme cuteness.

We had a super cute weekend. Saturday Sadie and I went to a pumpkin patch with BFF Margie and Joel and Ashley. It was a bunch of fun. Sadie had her first wagon ride ever–she kept trying to teeth on the edge and to escape. I’m starting to realize that, if she walks before she can understand “Don’t do that, you’ll get hurt,” we might have a BIG problem.

IMG_5986 IMG_5996

I'm not sure what she's doing with her arm, but I love it.


This was Ashley's idea. And this is riiight before Sadie took Margie's hat off and smashed her face with her arm.


Today we spent a lot of time outside. The weather was finally nice, and we took full advantage. First, we took Sadie to a mountain bike festival. Trevor didn’t ride, but we still had fun eating and hanging out with some of Trevor’s bike pals. We’ll be taking Sadie to races to watch her dad race next year, so it’s good that she had a blast. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of Sadie eating grass, which is what she spent most of her time doing. That and watching some kids throw a football around.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with our friend, Eve, who was a dear and took some photos of Sadie and the two of us. My brother and his wife and daughter met us there, too. We attempted to get Sadie’s almost-two-years-old cousin, Sophia, in some of the shots, but she had other plans in mind. Here are just a couple of my favorites of Eve’s favorites that she’s already sent along. I’ll probably post more later. Thanks so much, Eve!

sadie 172

sadie 079

Sadie's first time in a swing. The verdict: loves it.

sadie 186

Maybe she could be cuter if she tried. But I doubt it.

10 thoughts on “Brace yourself for extreme cuteness.

  1. Stephanie

    BROOOOOKE, I love her! LOVE love. These photos are so great! I love her smile in the one of the two of you, and your HAIR! So fantastic. Mine only goes in waves and kinks, never true curls unless I do something to it.

    These photos made me smiiiiile. Thanks for sharing.

    1. citysteader Post author

      Thanks, Stephanie! I REALLY can’t wait for all of us to meet up. Jasper and Sadie will be the cutest pair EVER to crawl the earth.

      And, yeah, my hair is pretty intense. It’s always been curly, but it started out blond and looser, getting progressively darker and kinkier after about age 12. It’s the longest it’s ever been–I feel very motherly with it all. I want Sadie to remember me with long hair, for some reason. Maybe it’s because that’s the opposite of how I remember my mom. I’m crossing my fingers that Sadie will have curls, too. I don’t see how she wouldn’t, though! And she’ll benefit from my YEARS of extensive research on how to have the most rocking hair possible. (I’m like Joe March–it’s my “one beauty.”)

  2. eve

    I like that you compare yourself to Little Women, even though I do not believe that your hair is your one beauty! It is lovely just like the rest of you!

    I am one of four sisters, and my little sis Noel always tried to pick who was who out of the March girls. I was always Beth. When I said that meant I was the one who died, she said “I know, isn’t it sad?”

  3. ashleygillblog

    Now, you know I love your hair, but can I give Trevor’s hair a shout out too? I’m liking the short look, papa.

    Sadie, please don’t be offended that your hair isn’t the first think we think of. You don’t have much. Is that why you’re trying to steal your mama’s handful by handful?

    So Margie looks squished and I admit this was not a great idea. I just couldn’t resist having my arms FULL of baby goodness.

    1. citysteader Post author

      Just this morning, Trevor suggested we invest in a pair of clippers so he can keep his hair short!

  4. eve

    I have been thinking about what you could rename your blog. It is a tough one. maybe something like Trevor and Brooke plus one, ha ha. Sadie and the city? Growing up Sadie? Growing up green? I’ll keep thinking.

    1. citysteader Post author

      Thanks for thinking on it, Eve. I think I want to avoid using Sadie’s name, so I don’t have to change it again if/when we have another baby.


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