Belated Christmas Post

So…my camera sucks. Or I suck at using my camera. Either way, we have  VERY few decent (read: non-blurry) pictures of Sadie’s first Christmas. Boo. Fortunately, we are now in Tennessee, and Trevor’s little sister knows about the cameras, and hopefully she’ll help me figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong. Because I can’t handle taking such horrible pictures of Sadie.

ANYWAY, here are the few that did turn out.

Getting ready to go to Christmas Eve Mass.

It's pretty hard to get a good shot of eight kids 11 and under.

But we did manage to get a good one of the three of us. Thanks, Leah!

Grandparents and grandbabies. The green blur is a hiding Ross.

Okay, so this is hilarious, right? Christmas Eve pjamas--a favorite tradition.

Sadie on Christmas morning with her gifts--a stuffed goat and two board books.

So she's blurry in this one, but she's always blurry with her new dolly, her gift from Mimi and Papa--she's hardly put it down.

Well, we made it to Telford, in the very northeastern corner of Tennessee, where Trevor’s family lives. It took us 10.5 hours, and it really wasn’t that bad with Sadie. We left our house a bit before seven yesterday evening, and we got here around six this morning (Eastern time zone, mind you). I was hopped up on caffeine the whole drive (as in, silently singing and dancing in the driver’s seat), so I think I only slept about 45 minutes in the car. And I’ve only had a minimal amount of sleep since then. I am a zombie. Sadie is having a great time already, but it took Trevor four tries to get her to sleep in the pack-n-play. Trevor’s parents redid their garage into an apartment, which is sweet, and we are staying in it. It’s great to have our own space, that’s for sure!

I will say this about holiday hubub and travel–I am EXTRA glad we’re using attachment parenting practices with Sadie–breastfeeding and co-sleeping have made all the difference in helping keep Sadie balanced throughout this holiday season.

4 thoughts on “Belated Christmas Post

  1. Liz

    Thanks for posting all the pictures. I love seeing the ones of all the kids. I cannot believe how big they all are!!! Especially the three littlest. Arrg, I can’t stand that it’s been so long since I’ve seen you all! Hope you guys had – and are still having – a Merry Christmas and holiday season!

  2. amirao21

    I love all of the pictures, but my favorite is definitely the family portrait!

    Looks like you guys had tons of fun, especially Sadie =)


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