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I thought surely I’d be posting on my new blog by today. And I’ve been saving my big, great news as my debut post over there. But it’s taking a bit longer than I expected to get the new site built out. And I’ve got several updates that I don’t want to wait any longer to write about.

So here’s the news: We got chickens! Yes, real live ones. We now have four hens living in a pen in our backyard. They seem happy; we are thrilled. Sadie is enthralled with them, and the dogs are pretty darn interested, too. I haven’t finished naming them (only two have names so far), so I can’t introduce them all to you just yet. We got them on Saturday, and we’ve already gotten four eggs from them.

In other, non-farm-animal news, Sadie is all set to have tubes put in her ears. Her surgery will be this coming Monday. It feels weird to be relieved that she’s having surgery, but the procedure is super fast and minor, and this should bring her immense relief. I don’t think she or I have slept longer than two consecutive hours in months, barring a couple of exceptions. I know this probably won’t fix everything overnight, but I think it should help us help her sleep longer stretches.

Also, Sadie has cut her third tooth! It’s on the top and off to one side. It’s not in all the way yet, but it’s kind of funny looking. I’ve gotten so used to her having these two bottom teeth, I’d sort of forgotten that she’d be getting more. It’s actually a little sad. Can’t keep them from growing up.
Here are the ladies in their pink chicken tractor. They love it!

This is Persaline. She's the darkest red of the four. She pecked Trevor's fingers yesterday. So watch out around this one...she's feisty.

And, in case you think I've forgotten about Sadie, here she is. She was trying so hard to get her little blue lamb that was at the bottom. Don't worry; I retrieved her from the depths as soon as I got all the pictures I wanted she started fussing.

5 thoughts on “Read all about it!

  1. eve

    I AM GREEN WITH ENVY! can I come visit your chickens?? Can’t wait for the new blogs debut. and welcome back! we missed you!

  2. shannon

    That is so you Brooke (having chickens). Love it. I will be thinking of Sadie on her surgery day and pray all goes well. Most people see positive results from it so I hope you guys do.
    (Honestly thought the news might be Sadie was gonna be a big sister.)

    1. citysteader Post author

      Thanks in advance for the prayers and thoughts for Sadie.

      Shoot–Sadie as a big sister! Not yet. If it happens at all, it’ll be at least another year.


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