A little housekeeping on the blog.

So! I’ve got a few new things going on here at the blog. (Which needs a new name, by the way. Any suggestions? I don’t want to include Sadie’s name, I know that for sure. But I am drawing a big ol’ blank). The first big addition is SocialVibe. It’s a handy tool to help raise money for charity. I plan on seeing if the organization I work for can get hooked up with this (we actually have a new dude who is, I think, in charge of these new media opportunities, and his cube is just a few down from mine). But, for the time being, I think I’m going to rotate a few through here, to spread the love. The first is for The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Trevor’s Aunt Diane–from whom Sadie got her middle name–died of ovarian cancer a little over a year ago. It’s hugely genetic, and I’m almost tempted to start saving money so Sadie can get herself tested for the genetic markers when she’s older. But, maybe by then, there will be a cure!

Next up is Offbeat Mama. I’ve joined their blog planet, which is for bloggers who are “parenting off the beaten path.” I may not be totally offbeat–I do like to dress Sadie up in frilly heirloom outfits when I get the chance–but I’d like to think I’ve got something to add to the mix over there.

Then, there’s a new function to subscribe to my blog. Like what you’re reading, but aren’t up for an RSS feed reader (Though, seriously, you should be using Google Reader.)? You can get my blog delivered to your email!

Oh, and I’ve simplified my archives. But there’s not much to that.

Other than that, there’s not a ton going on over here. Oh, who am I kidding? Let’s see…Sadie’s got another pair of infected ears. So we get to do another round of nasty antibiotics–four doses down, 16 more to go–and we get to try to spare her little bum from the wicked diaper rash inflicted by said antibiotics. We both still have a lingering cough, which is annoying as crap. We cut our Christmas tree this past Sunday, and we started decorating it tonight. Trevor hung lights on our porch (though, admittedly, not nearly as many as I had in mind). Sadie supposedly stood on her own for a few seconds today while Trevor was home with her. We DID celebrate Thanksgiving, but I have repeatedly left my camera at my aunt and uncle’s house, so I have little photographic proof. OH, and I have a majorly big post I want to write about a) our new meal planning/grocery shopping/dinner cooking regime, and b) our new approach to choking feeding Sadie. And I want to write about how much I like my job. The thing is, when you write at work, it’s hard to come home and write.

It’s time for bed, and I hope that tonight goes as reasonably well as last night. Prior to finding out about Sadie’s re-infected ears, we’d been having nights where she was waking up, nearly hourly, crying. A baby who wakes up crying doesn’t sound abnormal, but for Sadie it sure was. How sad is it that I think only waking up every two hours is something to appreciate?

One thought on “A little housekeeping on the blog.

  1. amirao21

    Not an ear infection!! Oh goodness, those are just the worst. Poor Sadie!

    Aiman had infections in both of his ears, recovered, and then had them again two weeks later. It’s a real pain -pun sort of intended.

    Get better soon Sadie!

    And two hours of sleep, I think, is the basic standard for moms by the way…


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