First day at daycare

This is how I left her.

And this is how I found her.

Baby Girl Edwards and I had big days today.  My first day of work was mostly spent reading print materials, because they didn’t have my computer set up yet.  Sadie’s first day of daycare was mostly spent not napping.  She did end up eating a fair amount, despite initial reports.  But she had only a 15 minute nap in the morning, and was passed out on the floor when I got there (a nap that amounted to 30 minutes).  Hopefully she’ll figure out how to nap without me and my boobs soon.

3 thoughts on “First day at daycare

  1. Elizabeth Spann

    Way to go, Brooke and Sadie! I can’t wait to hear all about the new job, mama. Very exciting. Don’t worry, Sadie will get the hang of things. 😉


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