Some tidbits.

I just wrote a massive blog post about our vacation to Branson. But I don’t want to publish it just yet, in the hopes that I’ll score some more/better photos from family members in the meantime. So here are some tidbits about how things are. Because I’m still alive.

  • Apparently we’re in the hottest summer ever or something. I don’t watch the news, but it’s been effing hot around here.
  • Sadie was so excited to see her pets when we got home from vacation yesterday. She just kept yelling, “Kittie!” at the top of her screechy lungs.
  • Tomorrow Sadie and I go to our first parent-child dance class. I’m pretty pumped about it, but I’m a little worried about Sadie’s morning nap. I think I must also be a bit anxious about starting the adult ballet class next month, because I totally had this messed up dream about it last night. As in, I was being attacked by a mob of angry kittens while I was trying to change into my leotard, etc. (the leotard alone is worth being anxious over, I believe).
  • I did not do my push ups while on vacation. I totally planned on it, and think I would have had Monday night not been such a disaster (after finally getting Sadie to sleep at 11, I was all, “Fuck push ups,” as you might imagine). So, back to those this Monday night.
  • And back to running Monday morning. For real. I think my knees are better enough to figure out if it was the running or the squats that hurt them in the first place.
  • My girls-only vacation is booked for early September. I’m excited and nervous and all sorts of things (particularly as Trevor’s car just needed a bunch of unexpectedly expensive work). This is a post of its own.
  • And, to wrap up, I seem to have a plugged milk duct or something. Oh, the pain. Hot compresses aren’t doing a darn thing about it, either. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into mastitis. Yikes.

Here’s a picture of Sadie from one year ago. It was her first swim in the lake. Oh, those fat rolls were so cute. Now she’s just got a couple left. I am trying to treasure them as best I can.

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