3 thoughts on “Impromptu hair experiment

  1. kat

    I’ve been conditioning with the apple cider vinegar as well. (still shampooing with baking soda/water.) Did you dilute with water? It seems to work for me. While I was at my parents house this past weekend, I used “real” shampoo and conditioner for the first time in months. It made my hair much softer but less easy to control. i’m still sticking with the poo-less ness. let me know how the egg thing goes!

  2. Brooke Post author

    Okay, so my hair looked cr-azy in the morning, but I rather expected that. It was SO SOFT, though. I did my normal shower routine with conditioner and styled as usual. My hair that day… meh, not fantastic. I might try just the yolks sometime, I don’t know. ACV is DEFINITELY not enough of a conditioner for my curls, I know that for sure. I picked up some shampoo at LUSH last weekend, and it has eggs in it but also a lot of other conditioney things (like coconut). I used it Sunday and was pleased enough with how my hair turned out. I think I’m going to try using this shampoo–it’s specifically for curly hair–once a week, just to keep things cleanish. I think it’s my “natural” hair gel that is causing the buildup. Why is it so hard to find the balance between the awesome hair I want and my desire not to douse myself with crazy chemicals every day???


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