Despite all of the glorious sleep I’ve been getting (more on that soon), I’m feeling kind of lame these days. Maybe it has something to do with the period that was supposed to have started (no, don’t start thinking That). I mean, really. Either start or don’t start, you know? I was really getting used to the idea of a regular cycle (homegirl likes predictability), since the last couple have been very normal. But now it’s all symptoms, no action. Bleh. Blarg. Here’s a ridiculously cute picture of Sadie, though.

3 thoughts on “Bleh.

  1. Sam

    sooo ridiculously cute! I LOVE bubble suits on children, their little chubbo thighs stick out and it’s GREAT. Sam had one for Easter! she’s soo cute!

  2. TMae

    Head explodingly cute.

    And the periods…I totally crave predictability. Since the boy was born 7 months ago, I’ve had 5 periods. (Where was MY breastfeeding amenorrhea???) They come when they want to – and they are the worst I’ve ever had. Before he was born I could set my watch by them. Love that! Now… :-/


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