Let me tell you something (Heather, if you’re reading, that should be read with a Michael T. accent). This girl loves her shoes. I would have never imagined. Sometimes she’ll just bring me a pair, out of nowhere, and insist I put them on her. She’s also been working on getting them on herself.

I’d noticed that her pair of cheapo white sandals were pretty snug (and she’s long since outgrown her “first shoes,” so we went out and had her fitted for a new pair. After the shoe man put her in the pair that was my preference, Sadie made him put the pair SHE liked on. I kid you not. As the holder of the money, I won that battle (not that she even remembers…), and she got the closed-toe, white, sneakery sandals I figure she can wear socks with them if they still fit when it’s sock-wearing weather again.

Anyway, so the pictures! Ha! She is so hilarious sometimes. We were getting ready to go meet her Mimi and cousins at the pool, and she spotted her way-too-small sandals in the closet. She pushed past me to grab them, and went straight to the front door to leave. Ever the practical child, she stuck one shoe on each sholder and held them there as she tried to get the door open. Fortunately, she was distracted by the presence of her stroller on the porch, and she promptly dropped the shoes, allowing us to go swimming without them. What a card, that Sadie!

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    1. Brooke Post author

      Ha! Yeah, are y’all the busiest people ever? We’re just hangin around…come see us sometime!


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