Sadie’s first tornado drill

Sadie had another first tonight… Her first tornado drill. We were about to put her to bed when the sirens started going off. I am SUPER cautious when it comes to tornados. I have a bit more than a healthy fear of them (just ask my first year graduate school classmates, who I made evacuate during the middle of class). For those of you not living in Tornado Alley, when the sirens go off, you’re supposed to go to an interior room without windows. We have one such room: a tiny coat closet. Our second best option is my big closet, which isn’t interior, but which lacks windows and has a door. So I piled us all in–dogs and cats included. Since we don’t have TV, I grabbed our hand-crank emergency radio, but it wasn’t reporting on the nearest storm (there were two tornado-producing storms). I went old-school on it and phoned a friend, who said we should be fine and that she’d call me back if the TV folks said we needed to take cover. The animals don’t like tornado drills at all, but Sadie sure had fun!

One thought on “Sadie’s first tornado drill

  1. Marlene

    You were wise to get in the closet. I’ve gotten in the bathtub with my children, pillows and a game many times. I live in Hot Springs and it was nasty here but we were safe. blessings, marlene


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