Just can’t get enough of this girl

Something tells me this is going to be my favorite spring ever. Last spring was great and all, since Sadie was born. But this spring I won’t be recovering from surgery. This spring I won’t be glued to the couch every two hours under a sleeping newborn. Of course, I loved almost every minute of last spring.

This year, I get to really share spring with Sadie. The weather has been nice here the last couple of weekends, and we’ve been to the park at least twice a weekend. Soon it will be light enough and warm enough for dinner on the front porch. There are dog walks to take, cookouts and picnics to have.

And Sadie just soaks everything up, so I know it’s going to be a blast. She’s walking more and more each day, and her appetite for exploration is huge. Watching her grow is the most fascinating thing I’ve been a part of. Of course, seeing her take her first steps has been awesome. But it’s the subtle, unexpected things that are the most exciting. Like nodding her head. Now that’s not something you learn about in a developmental psych class. But one day she couldn’t nod her head. And the next day she could. Fabulous!

Oh, and this summer is going to be great, too. Sadie will get her first trip to the beach!

3 thoughts on “Just can’t get enough of this girl

  1. kat

    YES! I think this spring is going to be my favorite yet. It just keeps getting better! Harder is some ways but mostly BETTER!

  2. Shannon

    yes. I would have to agree the best part so far to being a parent is watching them learn and grow so much. Nash amazes me daily.


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