Eleven down, one to go.

Darling Sadie! You amaze us daily, I tell ya. As usual, you have had a big month. Your appetite is getting bigger and bigger, and today you surprised me by eating a little bit of our leftover casserole that I figured would be too spicy for you. But you ate it up. You are jibber-jabbering all the time, and you’ve definitely got “Mama” down pat. You call me “Mama” much of the time, and other things that you want/need are “Mama mama mama.” You’re about to say, “dog,” too. It comes out like “dou” sort of, but you apply it to the dogs and the cats. Very cute. You’ve been taking two-to-three steps at a time here-and-there for the past couple of weeks or so, but today you decided you were ready to take quite a few in a row. It was really exciting, but I don’t think we can quite call you a Walker just yet, as you absolutely prefer crawling. Maybe once you can run you’ll decide being on your feet is preferable to turbo-speed crawling. But can you walk? Yes.

You have five teeth, and I suspect you’ve got another one coming in soon. At least, I hope that’s what’s been waking you up so much. Because we’re at a loss, otherwise. Either that, or it’s the loud clock your Dad got for Christmas from your Great-Grandmother.

The weather is getting nicer, and you’ve had a couple of trips to the park. You LOVE to swing in the bucket swings; you just crack up! You like watching the bigger children play, and I know you’ll have so much fun when you finally can. We have to keep a pretty close eye on you right now, though, because you still put EVERYTHING in your mouth. Including pebbles.

You are madly obsessed with dolls. Daycare even gave you one, because you were so upset one day having to leave one behind. You really, really want to be able to put her hat on her by yourself. You ask for help, and get excited, but then you promptly take the hat back off.

You are so silly sometimes. Tonight when I was nursing you before bedtime, you had finished and you started blowing zerberts on me. You do this a lot when we are close. You think it’s hilarious, and you are correct. You also laugh a ton when I do lots of little kisses on your neck or cheek. You have become keenly aware of your mouth and like to imitate different sounds that we make to you. I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to curl your tongue (your Dad and I both can, so I think that means you will be), but you are hard at work. For now, though, you are content with flipping your tongue over and over in your mouth.

I’m sure there’s so much more to write about your 11th month, but I’m a bit short on sleep, so I’ll have to put the rest down later. We love you so much and are having a ton of fun with you.

And now, some pictures.

You love Willow’s crate so much!

I guess you thought your kitty needed to go potty. Clever girl.

You whistle! Not very well, but you’re getting better.

Nari likes to share your food. So do you.

I think there might be a similar picture of your Dad somewhere. That’s his old rocking horse.

You were all about the sippy cup lid today.

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  1. eve

    I love the Sadie updates! I think it is just wonderful that she knows how to zerbert. What a happy baby. 🙂


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