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Something that I think I’m really going to love about being a parent that I hadn’t yet realized is getting to re-explore my city. I’ve always liked Little Rock, and it’s been undergoing some exciting changes as of late. The last few weekends have found us at different parks around town. We’re fairly centrally-located, so there are a good handful of parks within reasonable driving distance for us.

This past Sunday, we went down to Riverfront Park. They have done a lot to this park since I was a kid! There aren’t any swings, so there’s not too much for Sadie to do there yet, but I think we’ll frequent this spot a ton once she’s bigger. There are cool tunnels, rocks for climbing allover and an area that I believe is a sort of water park in the summer.

Right next to the park is Little Rock’s second pedestrian bridge to cross the Arkansas River. They recently reopened it, and we went up to check it out. It sure was windy!

It’s so fun to see Little Rock through fresh eyes. What spots have you discovered in your home place since having kids?

3 thoughts on “Big City Girl

  1. Sarah

    I’ve landed here via the new Arkansas Women Bloggers site – hiya. I’m a fellow Arkansan – up here in Fayetteville.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean by rediscovering your surroundings now that you have a child. It seems like I don’t drive anywhere these days without thinking to myself – “wow, has that park always been there?” or “woah – I need to try that store, I wonder if they carry kids’ shoes”. It’s amazing the things you didn’t know that you didn’t know!

    Your munchkin is a cutie!

  2. Sam

    I keep thinking St. Louis is going to be soooo fun when Sam is just a little bit older! We have a weekly jazz in the park festival in the summer here, and Mike and I go every week with our picnic in hand… can’t WAIT to let Sam crawl all over the blanket and eat picnic with us and get into jazz!


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