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I’m not a vaccination-activist, but we are having Sadie vaccinated, and I thought this post was interesting.

Having worked with children with serious mental illnesses, this is kind of alarming. I mean, I guess it should make me less worried if Sadie hears voices when she’s older. But as the daughter of a person with paranoid schizophrenia, this kind of freaks me out.

I am super interested in coconut oil after reading this. Has anybody cooked with it?

I think it’s never too early to encourage Sadie to live simply. I feel like we are always on the lookout for ways to de-clutter our home, and that does not exclude Sadie’s toys and clothes.

This is in a similar vein, by a local-to-me blogger (and acquaintance).

Another reason I’m glad we are feeding Sadie almost no processed foods.

Now, this is some good news!

Honestly, I have yet not clicked over to watch the video. I’m not sure I can. But the blog post is still interesting. When Trevor and I were watching The Business of Being Born, I had a bit of a tense reaction to seeing the c-section clip. Because I’d had a much less violent image in my head of what happened to me on the other side of the curtain–I’m sure to protect me from that part of it, since the rest was so bad.

I need to read and study this book. I first typed that I wanted it, but then I thought, that’s kind of contradictory of a couple of the links above, and can’t I probably find this at the library?

Agreed! If anybody knows of or wants to start a school (in time for Sadie to attend, of course) in Little Rock that operates on these principles, please let me know. I am theoretically supportive of public education, but it kills me to see my first-grade niece stuck doing homework in the evenings when she should be playing. And I don’t want that for Sadie.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Links

  1. Shannon Horton

    Love your new blog brooke and way to go on Sadie taking her first steps. Always thought she would be an early walker. You guys getting ready for her big day? That was a fun and kind of sad time.

  2. Sam

    I LOVE the C-Section rationale (enter sarcasm)… “big babies run in their families ann she was overdue”… I was 9#11 oz at birth, Mike 9#15oz, and i was 41weeks3days when I vaginally delivered my 10#7oz son… Those are NOT reasons for a c-section!

    1. Brooke Post author

      Ugh, I know. I still haven’t heard your birth story, Sam. Aren’t y’all coming to town sometime this month? I would love to see you and to meet your husband and your little guy!


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