Weekend Links: Three-day weekend edition

It seems crazy that I’ve got a three-day weekend, after having only worked two days this week. If you’re looking for something to pass the time on this long weekend–or something to warm your brain back up Tuesday morning, here are some links for you.

To read:

I’m not quite sure what to make of this Brazen Careerist post yet, but I really think it’s interesting. (Okay, skip all the talk about football–though the comments that get totally hung up on this issue are kind of interesting.) Maybe one day I’ll get around to examining what my own delusions are. Or maybe I’ll start writing about fights Trevor and I have–and get over (that’s actually one of the few things I feel uncomfortable blogging about).

I like this list on API Speaks. It hadn’t occurred to me until recently that I’m going to have to learn to be REALLY careful about how I talk about myself, and SOON. Sadie’s receptive vocabulary is secretly growing, and with as many people telling her she looks so much like me, I don’t want her to hear me being so down on myself and how I look, out of fear that she’ll internalize those feelings toward herself.

This is so true (another API Speaks post), and Sadie is only 10 months old! I’m glad I’m starting from the beginning (from scratch, you might say) in preparation for being a conscious, positive parent for Sadie. Because it’s going to be hard.

This is such a fun Offbeat Mama post! I smiled the whole time I read it. And it makes me wonder what it will be like when Sadie gets her first bike trailer ride this spring!

Ugh! The trailer for that movie during the Super Bowl totally irritated me. With pop culture references like these, no wonder everyone thought I was nuts for planning a home birth.

Now THIS is something Trevor and I could work on. Although not terribly recently, we’ve been known to make “quick little” trips out for unnecessary things like ice cream. For whatever reason, I’d not given much thought about the environmental impact of these impulsive trips. Especially when looking at the full range of effects. I’m not saying we’re never going out for ice cream again, but I would like us to be less impulsive with our driving.

To watch:

Wow. This video gave me the heebey-jeebies. But, like PhD in Parenting, I’m also not a fan of how they presented the “toxins in breastmilk” bit. Read the post’s commentary below the video.

Oh my goodness! This is just another reason I wish I were some sort of biologist or animal worker or something. Major h/t to Eve for sharing this. I wonder, if they’d had the chance, would non-human primates have domesticated the dog before we got around to it? It’s such obvious evidence to me the pure joy that a companion animal can bring. And that we’re animals, too, but that’s a whole different post (probably for someone else’s blog).

To enter:

On Offbeat Mama: a giveaway for a Real Nappies Intro Pack. Even if I don’t win, I might buy the Top-Up Pack in the crawler size for Sadie, because she’s outgrowing/outgrown the covers and prefolds we have for around the house.

The Simple Organic Launch Giveaway. Lots of cool stuff that I would LOVE to try out.

The Simple Bites Launch Giveaway. More cool stuff–for the kitchen.

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  1. eve

    happy Valentine’s day Brooke! thanks for the mention of my blog. I want an orangutan in a life jacket now please. 🙂 sorry I missed you at the get together last night; I had Sadie’s legwarmer in my purse for you!


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