Fat Goat Challenge Update

Alright. So, I took down the Fat Goat Challenge page. It was kind of stupid. But I haven’t forgotten about that dreadful picture of Sadie and me, and I haven’t quite stopped my quest at becoming a less-fat goat. Here’s a little update:

  • Calorie counting was a total joke. I lasted all of four days. Fortunately, they quit serving those giant cookies at the cafe at work. Unfortunately, my appetite for ice cream (both homemade and Ben & Jerry’s) has continued. I still maintain, though, that my diet is pretty healthy. So I’m putting that stress off for another day.
  • The One Hundred Push Ups Challenge is going pretty well. I wasn’t able to do enough after Week 5 to move on to the final week, and I kind of slacked off last week. So I think my plan is to start tomorrow night with Week 5, Day 1, Column 2; do Column 3 next week; and then do an exhaustion test to see if I’m ready for Week 6 after that. I’m not terribly worried about getting to Week 6 in a hurry. Doing 45 push ups in a row is pretty effing hard, and if that’s the best I can ever do… I’ll take it, thank you.
  • If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I’ve been using a C25K (Couch to 5K) app on my iPhone and have been running. I’ve got a friend who lives a few blocks away who is awesome enough to meet me at 5:45 three mornings a week to run/walk. She’s already done a running program, but it’s been a while, so this is good for both of us. I  never, EVER, thought I’d get into running (Well, I could run a seven-minute mile my senior year of high school when the dance squad–shut it–ran in the mornings. But I weighed all of 95 pounds or something stupid like that.), but I really kind of like this process. The few times I have tried to “take it up,” I’ve failed right out of the gate. I would just set out from the house and start running. No plan, no motivation. That might work for some folks. Not this gal. But this app is awesome. Somebody else has already figured it out for me, and they tell me when to run and when to walk. If there’s one thing I like, it’s to be bossed around. Wait.A.Minute… I didn’t mean that. Shut it, you.

So, what’s all this effort gotten me? Much nicer biceps, that’s for sure. Other than that, not much. I’ve stayed the same weight, which isn’t a huge deal to me (I don’t even have a scale, so the only way I know is by weighing myself secretly when I’m at friends’ houses). Sadly, I think I discovered some fresh, new stretch marks. Gag my face off. But, whatever. I’m enjoying being this active, and that’s mostly what’s important. Would it nice to get my before-I-met-Trevor-and-started-eating-like-a-hungry-boy body back? Um, yes. Would any reasonable amount of exercise do that for me? Um, no. I’d have to sell my firstborn to hire Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer. Don’t worry, Sadie…

Photo by Katie Short

2 thoughts on “Fat Goat Challenge Update

  1. Fawn

    Just wanted to drop a line of encouragement and say that the combo of not losing weight and stretch marks tells me that you are probably losing inches and gaining muscle, (which will lead to weight loss later). The stretch marks indicate that your skin is less stretched out in that area than it used to be. So have someone take your measurements now (chest, waist, hips, and thighs) and then take them again in a month or two, and you can test the theory. And if you need a 5k to aim for, I’m helping organize a Race for the Cure team that will have runners, walkers, and joggers on it – would love to have you (shoot me an email).
    .-= Fawn´s last blog ..Tree Hugger =-.

  2. TMae

    I’m impressed that you did 45 push-ups, and that you’re getting up at 5:45 (well, earlier I guess if you’re meeting then) to run. I didn’t make it past week 1 of the 100 push-up challenge, but I’ve been trying very hard to watch my portion sizes, and make healthier selections. It hasn’t netted a whit of change, but I count it as something. And the weather is getting cooler, so that might motivate me to move more. And maybe the baby will start sleeping through the night, so I’m not so tired all the time…(the excuses, they just keep coming…)
    .-= TMae´s last blog ..Pesto! =-.


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