Bananas, RICE, Applesauce, Toast. These are the foods you feed your baby when she has diarrhea. So, why is rice cereal the recommended first food for babies? Heck if I know. But let me tell you, we’ve got one BLOCKED UP baby on our hands, and it is not pleasant. I feel so bad for the little one, and I’m worried that I made a foolish decision to start her on solids before 6 months. She just seemed so ready, from a behavioral standpoint (sitting well, watching us eat and fussing about it, etc.). We’ve had a rough few days (it took me a while to register that this was, indeed, her problem), and last night was horrible. I ended up sleeping with her on my chest on the couch like when she was a newborn. And she was oh so restless. We’ve given her small amounts of diluted prune juice, as well as some peach puree at dinner last night–I know, breaking the one-new-food-at-a-time rule. She’s had some poopy diapers today, but she’s still pretty miserable about it.

These pictures are from last night, hoping the peaches would help (they didn’t). Right now I’m feeding her some Gerber prunes (not what I thought I’d be feeding her at this stage, but at least she likes it). Here’s to hoping tonight goes well, and that tomorrow we have a strain-free day.

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