Sweet, sweet Arkansas

Here’s a great reason to love Arkansas: the strawberries. It seems a little crazy that we’ve been munching on our first quart of the year, and it’s only April, but you won’t hear any complaining out of me! As with tomatoes, my exposure to locally-grown strawberries has made it nearly impossible to enjoy store-bought berries. Some fruits and veggies can get by me without my noticing the difference (a baker potato is a baker potato…tasty no matter what). But I’ve even found myself holding back from giving Sadie strawberries from the store, like I’ve been subconsciously protecting her pallate from the less-flavorful imposters (okay, and the JUMBO strawberries on the market right now–yowza, that’s just not natural).

So I was way excited to share with Sadie some of the season’s early pick of berries, which I bought from Hardin Farm, courtesy of the Food Club. Here are some of the results:

She wasn't quite sure what to think. They were still a bit cold from the fridge, and that tends to throw her off.

Okay, so she totally looks like a zombie in this picture, but I promise she's demanding more!

Getting the hang of it.

Oh, now this is fun!

Totally worth it.

2 thoughts on “Sweet, sweet Arkansas

  1. eve

    Hardin Farms is Tara’s dad Bill! I work for him out at Austin’s and he is opening a new store out in Scott with fresh food all summer long.

    Also, huge congrats on finding an answer to Sadie’s sleeping. She is a doll.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Hm. Are you thinking of another farm, maybe? The Hardin Farm I’m talking about is in Grady, and it’s owned by Randy Hardin, who is Jody’s (and Josh’s) dad…


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