Planning a one-year-old’s birthday party from scratch: Part II

In the past week, some of Sadie’s birthday party plans have become more solidified.

  • We’re definitely going to have it at our house, and we’re not going to limit ourselves to the number of people we invite. This will be a “the more, the merrier” sort of party, even if it is hectic and crowded and kids are tripping over each other. Of course, her birthday is the day before Easter this year (or, I should say, Easter is the day after Sadie’s birthday this year… as Sadie’s birthday will always be the same), so who knows if our friends will even be around to help us celebrate. I hope so.
  • What kind of cake Sadie will eat is still a bit up in the air. But my college roommate and dear friend, Leah, has offered to make the party cake (I might still do a miniature healthyish cake for Sadie, or I might just give her a reasonable piece of the cake Leah makes for the rest of us and quit worrying my silly little head off.). I am super excited, because Leah did the groom’s cake at our wedding.

  • And speaking of that cake, I think it is going to be the inspiration for any decorations we’ll do. Sort of an “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” theme. Or whatever. That is, unless Leah’s got some other fantastic ideas for cakes (she’s getting back to me about that next week or so); in that case, we might head down a different road entirely.
  • We’re settled on having it mid afternoonish, and hopefully Sadie will get in a good nap or two beforehand. If not, it’s not like she doesn’t go ALL DAY sometimes without a nap at daycare, seemingly no worse for the wear.
  • For the food, I think we’ll do some dips from my brother’s restaurant (hummus, spinach, etc.) and some veggies and fruit. Not going to fork over a ton for a caterer, but also not going to stress about making a ton of food myself.
  • The “in lieu of gifts” bit… I’m pretty decided on having people bring–if they want–items that can be donated to the Humane Society of Pulaski County. We’re all animal lovers here, and I’m sure Sadie would approve if she knew how. And who doesn’t want to have some way to get rid of their old towels, right?
  • One place I do think I want to spend some money is on having greener party supplies. I found this website the other day, and I think it’ll be a good compromise between our desire to be environmentally-responsible and our desire to not wash one thousand dishes while dealing with a cranky, hopped-up one-year-old.
  • Also on a green note, I’m foregoing my wish of sending out darling snail-mail invitations. First of all, we’ll be inviting more people than I care to pay postage and printing for. And second, I just don’t have time to round up everyone’s mailing addresses. Should I use evite? Facebook? regular email? something I’m not thinking of?

Any other ideas or suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Planning a one-year-old’s birthday party from scratch: Part II

  1. Addie

    wow, cute cake! Sounds to me like you have everything under control, I wish I had been so on top of it when my little guy turned 1 in December. We did it in the afternoon, also hoping that he would take a nap beforehand, but it turned out to be a no-nap day. It was, surprisingly, fine – no meltdown! 🙂

    An e-vite site/service I really like is, fwiw. (oh, and I came across your post at, if you’re wondering.)

  2. Fawn

    Love the in lieu of gifts idea. We let Cal go hog wild with the cake on his first birthday. (you can see pics on my FB account). We also always opt for a “the more the merrier” type party, and use evites to keep track of who’s coming – so much more functional and efficient, in addition to being green! I’m curious to see how your party supplies work out. I’ve been eyeing those compostable/biodegradable plates and cups, but always wonder if they’re just as much work as regular dishes, since you’d have to rinse all the crud off of them before composting them, in addition to having to police your party guests so they don’t throw them in the trash.

  3. Brooke Post author

    @Fawn I’ll definitely let you know how the “green” party supplies go. I doubt I’ll do too much rinsing, though… there’s not much (other than meats and other fatty things like cheeses) that I won’t toss in our compost.


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