Millions of Peaches.

Okay, maybe not millions. But WAY more than I’d anticipated. When I ordered a half bushel. Which is about 25 pounds. Give or take. Which is A LOT of peaches, FYI.

I have

  • Bartered 10 of them for some babysitting;
  • Mashed eight cups to make jam (asap);
  • Made one batch of peach sorbet;
  • Made two batches of peach ice cream; and
  • Put a bunch in my belly.

And…. I still have a lot of peaches. I think I’ll make another batch of sorbet, and then maybe I’ll prep and freeze the rest to have handy for making future batches of ice cream and sorbet. The awesome news is that this is just the second week or so of peach season, so there will be more peaches to purchase and enjoy. I was always kind of so-so about peaches growing up, until I finally tried local peaches. Holy cow, those are some sweet peaches! The ones I’m working with now are from Drewry Farm & Orchards, and according to Nancy Drewry (Awesome name, I know!) they are Garnette Beauty. Next up are a semi-freestone variety. I think I might get  some (not a half bushel this time) to can slices for the winter.

It’s a lot of work, but I can’t even tell you how much fun I’ve been having. This will be my first year to make peach jam. I’ve already done strawberry, blackberry and mixed berry (strawberry, blackberry and blueberry) this season. And I’ve got a gallon of muscadine juice ready to be turned into jelly in my freezer. If only I could find some good directions on how to do it that make sense… I also want to make and can red sauce, because we eat a lot of homemade pizza, AND I’ve discovered that Sadie will eat most anything (eggplant, squash, carbs) if it’s covered in red sauce–takes after her Mama, that one.

3 thoughts on “Millions of Peaches.

  1. Nao

    I hear you about peach cutting being A LOT of work. I made peach jam for the first time last year. I made Eddy do all the cutting.

    Re: red sauce. You might want to try to freeze tomatoes and make sauce as you go. We make homemade pizza quite a bit. We take frozen tomatoes out of our freezer, run hot water over them, peel, dice, and turn them into sauce. If you have freezer space, I highly recommend it.
    .-= Nao´s last blog ..Saturday To-Do- Hands Across the Sand in Hot Springs =-.

  2. Sam

    Forrest City is like famous for it’s peaches and so we grew up eating the ALL YEAR LONG! haha. I’m saddened to see there are none being utilized for the ultimate peach dishes: cobbler, pie, or simply cut up on top of plain vanilla ice cream. mmmm. Mom just bought a peck or two while she was in Forrest City yesterday… and they are coming Samuel’s way in about 3 weeks! YES!


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