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Baked goods!!!

This morning, my work friend, Cade, was sooo kind to bring me some Mickey’s chocolate cake.  It was delicious!  He and his wife have two daughters, so they know the ropes when it comes to pregnancy.  That, and Cade and I have a common love for all things Mickey’s!  Problem is, it’s totally started a major craving for cake.  I’ve been pretty freaking healthy with this pregnancy (well, as far as food goes–I have GOT to get back to attempting exercise), and I’m a little surprised with how strongly I’m craving cake.  I stumbled across this blog, Bakerella, and now all I can think about are cupcakes!  Perhaps this weekend I’ll mosey over to Cupcakes on Kavanaugh and get a few (dozen).  OR, I could make some peanut butter cupcakes to go with the leftover chocolate ganache frosting I have in the freezer.  Then again, maybe you know of someone who just happens to want to make some cupcakes for this little pregnant lady.

I had my second appointment with our midwife yesterday, and it went really well.  It’s nice to have so much time with her so we can really get to know each other.  Yesterday, she had the pleasure of getting the entire scoop on my life story.  Trevor didn’t get to go with me this time, because the appointment had been rescheduled from Wednesday because of a birth, and he’d already switched his day off.  Kim wasn’t able to find the baby’s heartbeat, which isn’t such a big deal, since I’ve already heard it.   She assured me there’s nothing to worry about–it’s still in there.  I worried a little this morning, but the cake set me straight.  I weighed in and have only gained two pounds in the last five weeks or so (see, told you I’ve been eating healthy).

As a totally weird side-note that you probably don’t want to know: I seem to have a hairy baby belly developing.  I don’t know if it’s the prenatal vitamins or what, but my belly sure is looking hairier than I remember.  It’s not something I check for regularly, but I noticed it today.  Past-preggers out there–did this happen to you?  Did you just ignore it?  Shave it?  It’s kinda gross, and I don’t like it!

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