Weekend links: Exhausted edition

Holy moley, I am tired. Let’s just say that Sadie has not been sleeping so well. Even by her standards. And I’ve got so many good links to share. So I think I’ll be lazy at first and just post them without comment, and hopefully find the energy to comment on them throughout the weekend.


Motherwear’s Breastfeeding Blog

Natural Home, Life and Baby

Easy Recipes for Natural Homemade Cleaners: This is one area where I really need to commit. I’m not sure what my hangups are about this. I think if I can just set aside a time to make some of this up so I have it on hand, I’ll be less likely to just keep grabbing for the (albeit “green”) store-bought stuff under the sink.

Compost through the winter with worms in your house!: We’ve pretty much quit composting, now that we have hungry chickens in the backyard, but this is definitely something to consider if having a year-round compost pile isn’t an option for you.

8 Natural Solutions for the Common Discomforts of Infancy: I like the idea of using chamomile tea. I’m sure it would be a much less expensive alternative to gripe water. I hadn’t thought to use ACV for diaper rash, but it seems handy. And I’d really like to get an amber necklace for Sadie’s teething pain. I have one myself, but I’m not sure it would be safe enough for Sadie. I’ll have to inspect it.

Green Goal Setting, Part 1: Lifestyle: Number five is where I think I need the most work.

Childbirth Planning

Advice to a mom-to-be on Mom’s Tinfoil Hat

Feeding and Educating Children

Anonymity on Fed Up: School Lunch Project

Baby’s whole wheat sweet potato turnovers

A Site to Buy and Sell Human Breast Milk

Dreaming up the Perfect Elementary School

5 Techniques to Inspire Healthy Food Choices in Your Child’s Diet

Sort of Miscellaneous

Use Color to Impact the Mood of Your Home

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