Way Back Wednesday: late edition

I’m kind of on a Way Back Wednesday kick. It’s a little late on Wednesday, but it IS still Wednesday.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of all time. It was taken by my friend, Jes. That’s me with my college roommate and dear friend, Leah. It is definitely my most favorite pictures of the two of us. We had a ridiculous amount of fun together in college, and sometimes I really miss that. Our biggest worries were about boys that we liked that didn’t like us back. Or what the heck we were going to wear to the weekend’s party. Or where we were going to go camping next. We went from barely knowing each other to being thick as thieves. I’ve hardly been as close to someone who wasn’t a sibling. Our busy lives have made it much harder to see each other often lately, and that makes me sad. However! We are planning a trip next fall together, and I am super excited. A road trip sounds like just the thing we need to get back on the same page again.

So this one’s for you, Dude.

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