How sad is it that this is the first chance I’ve had in a while to post, and I’m posting from my phone while waiting in line to get my passport renewed. Pretty sad.

No, I am not about to be whisked away on an international escapade. But I do work for an international organization, my passport is way out-of-date (I got it in 1999, when my last name was still Stapleton, and I didn’t smile in the photo so my braces wouldn’t show), and prices on passports go up tomorrow. So! Here I wait.

Things are great at our house. Sadie is now exactly half my height. She says “Sadie” sometimes when prompted, which is totally awesome. And she will cock her head to the side and say “peek!” She’s climbing now, resulting this morning in a “thwap”‘as she fell off the desk chair.

Whew, I finally got a seat. My legs are tired, because I did a whopping 80 equate last night. Okay, they weren’t great form, but still. I’ve added squats to my exercise regimen. Oh! And I’m taking ballet! I’m super excited about it. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take ballet, and there’s a new studio opening in town with an adult class and very reasonable fees. I’m even going to do a little class Saturday mornings with Sadie.

Trevor’s got an out-of-town race this weekend, so it’ll be us girls Saturday. We’ve got Sadie’s BFF Margie’s first birthday party, and we are thrilled to celebrate with her family and our friends. Family vacation is coming up soon, too.

I guess that’s about it. I’ve been obsessing over preschool issues lately, so hopefully I’ll write a post about everything thats been rattling around in my head soon.

Also, I’m toying around with the idea of adding contributors to Parenting from Scratch. I’m clearly short on time these days, but I like what I’ve had going on here. If you’re interested, do let me know!

10 thoughts on “Waiting.

  1. Sam

    ballet sounds AWESOME…and where the heck is that playground? We are coming to visit soon and need a good set of swings!

    1. Brooke Post author

      That’s the playground at Woodruff Early Childhood Center. It’s pretty cool, but there are no swings. I think the teachers don’t want to have to push the littles or something. We take Sadie to Alsopp or Prospect Terrace. Prospect is definitely the shadier of the two.

  2. Sam

    Thanks Brooke! Mom put a cool swing in the backyard (it goes up to 45 pounds if you are in a need for swing emergency ever! haha), so we have the swing thing covered. God Bless Grandmother’s who get REALLY excited for us coming to visit! haha. I did not ask for this mind you!

    1. Brooke Post author

      Where did she get the swing? I’m in the market for one for the front porch–we don’t have a good tree limb in the back. There are a couple of very short slides at Woodruff you could definitely send BittySam down. Give us a call when you’re in town, and we’ll meet you there!

  3. Michelle

    Great to meet you last night! I think I had to be more awkward than you so don’t sweat it! ( There is a reason I write and don’t do public speaking engagements! :))
    I knew you looked familiar, guess it was because I like your blog!

  4. Mindy

    Hey Brooke! It has been so long since I have had a chance to check out your posts!!! FYI-That pic is insanely cute of Sadie. Hope all is well. So glad to hear you are taking a class!!! Hey are you taking it at the rock CIty one? I think I am going to put Elem in one of those dance classess too. Let me know if that is the one you are joining up.
    .-= Mindy´s last blog ..Welcome Baby Nate =-.


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