Vote early and often.

Or, on time.

Tomorrow is primary day for our midterm elections here in Arkansas. I don’t dabble too heavily in politics, but voting has become increasingly important to me. In fact, you can just ask Trevor about how we almost broke up when he told me he wasn’t going to be voting in the 2004 election (I, of course, changed his mind, but then it turned out it was both too late to request an absentee ballot from TN and too late to register for AR).

So I’ll be heading down to the train station to cast my ballot. If you’re in Arkansas’s 2nd Congressional District, I sure hope you’re planning to vote for my friend, John Adams. I’ve known and looked up to John since I was 15 (he’s my good friend Rachel’s older brother), and I’d be proud to have him represent my state and my family in Washington (although I’d be sad to lose the company of his wife and son, to be honest!). John cares about the issues I care about: creating jobs and growing the economy, improving education and job training, reforming health care and alternative energy opportunities, among others.

Front porching it with John (not pictured) after Sadie's birthday party. I suspect Sadie would vote for John, too. I guess we'll have to check back in with her in 17 years or so to be sure.

4 thoughts on “Vote early and often.

  1. Becca

    Well said! But I don’t think it’s the train station anymore; I think they moved it to West Side Baptist Church on 7th – even closer!

    1. Brooke Post author

      They sure did! The site we used to double-check us was wrong. But we found the right info, and we’re heading out in just a bit (with Sadie in the stroller!). The last time I voted, come to think of it, I was pregnant with Sadie.


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