yes. today is my last day at asyr. last time to post at work. because i don’t have a job… well, sort of. i STILL haven’t heard back about that grant writing thing, but i’m calling dude TODAY if i haven’t heard by 4pm. i swear. seriously. how can they leave me hanging like this???

but we’re moving anyway. saturday. so if you’re feeling extra-friendly, give me a call, cause we will probably need some help unloading the freaking u-haul. that i am NOT being the one to drive this time! and if i don’t hear from you, i might call you anyway (as is becoming my fashion–see above).

so…the last day at the office. nari came with me today. just wrapping things up here and there.

and one more reason i’m glad to be moving back to the big lr (by the way–we’ll temporarily be in a duplex off of university and h)–underground houses are want to let water in when it rains four hundred inches. and ruin art and other niceties. yeah, lovely.

just keeping it real.

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