3 thoughts on “Tuesday lunch date

  1. Shannan

    Aria hates to ride in the bike seat – maybe too confining or maybe the fact that she can’t fall asleep back there. I can’t see the side of the trailer. What brand/where did you get yours? Has Sadie ever slept in hers? I would love to go on a loooonnngg bike ride.

    1. Brooke Post author

      We got ours through the bike shop where Trevor works (needless to say, Sadie will always have the best bicycle gear available). It’s a Burley Encore. Sadie’s only ridden in it three times–the first trip was 10 minutes, the second and third were Tuesday, about 20 minutes on the way to my office and about 20 minutes on the way home. I don’t think she fell asleep at all on Tuesday. We’re kind of building her up for a longer ride. My biggest worry (you know, other than us all being killed in traffic) is that we’ll get way far into a ride, she’ll pitch a horrible fit, and we’ll have to put her through the whole ride back, which would be miserable for all of us. What kind of seat/trailer do y’all have? How long is long to you? Are you doing rides close to her nap time?

  2. Shannan

    I give you major props for actually going anywhere near traffic. I tried once and about had a heart attack and since then only hit the bike trials and parks. So far we have only tried out the seat on the back of my bike and for only about 20 minutes – usually right after her nap. Mainly for the same reason you said. I couldn’t take her screaming all the way home. But I would love to get a trailer and then work up to her taking a whole nap while riding her around. I don’t know how attainable this goal is though. Are the trailers comfy enough to even sleep in? Sadie looks pretty comfy in hers.


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