to school or not to school…that is the question

i am again at the decision crossroads. i’ve been thinking lately that maybe i won’t go back for more school right after graduating (that’s right people, just 4 months and one day till i’m a masta). i’m thinking i might like a break from the poverty of student life. it would be nice to live off of more than nine hundred dollars a month, to be able to go to the dentist (i’ve probably got a thousand cavities and definitely need my wisdom teeth out of this little mouth), to buy my own car and make the payments and insurance all by myself. all of those grown-up type things. i sure do like school, though. but how great would it be to make a serious dent in my student loans before taking on more schooling.
i just don’t know! then there’s the decision about where to get that salary-paying job. i’d love to get one in north carolina (then i’d be guaranteed in-state tuition when i do go to appalachian state)…and trevor would be more likely to find a job he loves. but i’ve got more contacts here.
so anyway, if you’ve got suggestions (or know of any non-counseling social workey jobs), give me a shout.

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